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Somebody SCREAM for Noontide!

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For your listening pleasure: PE

Today, Silver and Black Pride has taken a step forward. Forward into the consciousness of "Blog-Hood". Our brother, Noontide, Rich, as he is known to his family, has agreed to lead the charge on the Oakland Raider shores.

One of US he has committed to US as a community to ensure that there is ample content for every Oakland Raider fan to enjoy. As a team, we will constantly be able to tear into our hearts, the "Organ" ization, that beat solemnly and steadfast for typically only one thing...FOOTBALL!

It is time to welcome a bother, truly, into the fold. Welcome Richard!

It is an A-Mazing day when we can grow from within and as one Nation, we, rise UP knowing that the victory shall be sweeter with the smell of the years gone bye vanishing into the wind and becoming only traces that some ill WAS here. 

Raider Nation, join me in welcoming Noontide to the inner circle!


- Saint