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Did You Know...Because I Didn't...: NFLPA

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Wow, so, according to Wikipedia, the NFL Players Association was born by an ex-player from Noter Dame who became an attorney who quickly, somehow, turned it over to the Teamsters and Jimmy Hoffa?

The UNION was against the merger, there was no Union in between 69-71, then, another lawyer took over (Ed Garvey), until FINALLY a player  took over in 1971.

That player was Gene Upshaw, and he held the position for 25 years until he passed away from pancreatic cancer on 08-20-2008.

That is some STUFF and it also brings us to today.

1) The Union Has Deceritfied....

2) An attorney is running the "Union" (Sounds familiar)

3) The "Union" still works like a "Union" although it HAS "DE-Certified"!

 I say that the owners should FIRE their insubordinate asses for failing to show up for work. Let's see how many of them can get jobs after their autograph signing days come to an end.

"Hi, I'm Louis Janx, and I played a few downs for the Pensicola Mauraders, can I sign your ball for $10?"....

There isn't a real way to go when the owners are offering a damn good package that takes care of older CURRENT players, and especially the older players, who created THIS game, that are having a difficult time adjusting or EVEN walking.

Get out there on the field and stop being babies.Oops, this article did start as an inquiry, not a sermon...

It is sickening!