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Oakland Raiders Draft Picks Get Their New Jersey Numbers

The Oakland Raiders latest draft picks can't sign contracts yet. They can't "officially" be in contact with coaches. They can't enter team facilities. They aren't being paid. They can be included on the Raiders roster on the team website though. And they are—with numbers. Players will certainly be allowed to change their numbers, which remains a distinct possibility given the fact that they may have their eye on a number, like Huff's 24 or Gallery's 76, that is not currently unavailable, but may be soon.

Check out the new digits after the jump....


72 Joe Barksdale: Lincoln Kennedy part 2? That'd be alright with me.

35 CB Chimdi Chekwa: A solid corner number that needs to be distinguished in a Raiders uniform. Terry Robiskie wore 35 as a RB. I'm not sure if he wore that number while coaching.

36 Taiwan Jones: 36 seems more like a corner number to me. Terry McDaniel was a solid corner with 36, but count by twos and we got Macus Allen 32, Bo Jackson 34 and Taiwan Jones 36.

82 TE Richard Gordon: 82 seems all wrong for a blocking TE. This was James Jett's number for crying out loud. Maybe this will help him develop in the passing game. On the downside, the last Raiders TE to wear 82 was Teyo Johnson.

86 WR David Ausberry: A solid WR number. In the silver and black it will always conjure up memories of Swervin' Mervyn Fernandez. This was also Rocket Ismail's number. I have more hope that Ausberry may be able to turn into a Fernandez type receiver than an Ismail.

17 WR Denarius Moore: I like WR numbers in the teens, but given the already "arius" connection this seems too close to DHBs rookie No. 12 for my liking. However, Moore won't have to do much to be the greatest Raider in No. 17.

38 CB DeMarcus Van Dyke: Seems a little too high in the 30s to be a good corner number, but it is a number in Raider-land that certainly needs to be claimed by someone.

61 C Stefen Wisniewski: Wiz II has said he doesn't want his uncle Steve's 76. That's fine with me. They have enough connections. And 61 is a solid interior linemen number. It is only two off of Upshaw's 63, and that is close enough given the fact that 63 was also Barrett Robbins number. Wisniewski will likely be the most successful Raider to wear 61 from the first game he plays. No other Raider has worn this number for two or more consecutive seasons.