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Pirate Booty: Goodbye Safety Blitz? Ochocinco Staying Put? Raiders Butt of Same Tired Joke, and More

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Brace yourselves for the miscellaneous madness that today's Pirate Booty has to offer. We are going all over the map. There is no one central story that deserves any prolonged concentration. It is more just a collection of thoughts in idle times.

So, among other things, I offer up a look at the new/old defensive coordinator; I'll take a shot at John Elway, and we'll have the obligatory Nnamdi Asomugha rumor and lockout news. In other words, I am doing my best to dig up football news to help us all get through this football-less Hump Day. Enjoy after the jump....

Raiders Grab Bag O' Booty

As I am sure you are aware the new Raiders defensive coordinator has been here before. This creates a unique chance to compare any differences in tendencies that he may have now opposed to his first stint. We also have a pretty good idea in the differences we can expect from the last defensive coordinator. Jerry McDonald breaks down some of the blitz numbers:

How much will Bresnahan blitz? - Inside the Oakland Raiders
Then again, only one time in the last 29 years have the Raiders failed to record a single sack by the secondary. It was 2002, the Raiders had 43 sacks and won the AFC title, and Bresnahan was the defensive coordinator.

McDonald points out how the fact that Huff and Branch had four sacks apiece in 2010 was a near mind-blowing anomaly in Raider-land. Al Davis is just not a fan of the blitz. He also points out the Bresnahan was in-particularly reserved with secondary blitzed in his first stint.

It will be interesting to see if Bresnahan changes this philosophy. I have contended that the main reason that Huff and Branch blitzed so much in 2010 was because they suck in coverage. It was merely a case of the coaches putting them in the best position to make an impression in the passing game.

Raiders Free Agency News

The Raiders have been one of the rumored destinations for Chad Ochocinco (if he survives his lockout activities). It has been an almost foregone conclusion that he is leaving Cincinnati even though he has one year left on his contract. Well, there are some, like his teammate Reggie Kelly that don't think he is going anywhere:

Reggie Kelly Would Be Surprised if Chad Ochocinco Didn't Play for the Bengals in 2011 - Cincy Jungle
"I can't see how Chad wouldn't be a Bengal in 2011, I really can't," he said when we talked on the phone on Monday. "Unless something would just go extremely out of this world, i guess you can say left field, so to speak. But I can't see a way that he won't be a part of this team, because, to be honest with you, a lot of people don't really understand Chad. They don't know him the way that we know him within the locker room. He's a great player, very experienced, very talented. All that wisdom and all that knowledge that he has, he can definitely help a young guy like A.J. Green."

I really can't see the market for Ochocinco allowing the Bengals to trade him. It is going to come down to if they want to release him or let him play out his contract.

Moving onto Nnam the Jaguars either have no intention of signing him, or they want it to appear that way:

Jaguars not expected to make splashy cornerback signing | National Football Post
According to the Jaguars' official website, the Jaguars aren't expected to get involved with high-profile free agent cornerbacks. That would seem to preclude them from pursuing Oakland Raiders free agent Nnamdi Asomugha.

Raiders in the Media

Go vote for the Raiders as your pick to represent the AFC West on HBO's Hard Knocks. Or don't...I don't think HBO is paying any attention to that poll, and I know the Raiders aren't.

Hard Knocks poll wraps up with AFC West | ProFootballTalk
So cast your vote for the Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders, or Chargers.

So, Jay Leno cracked this joke about the Raiders the other night on his show:

Jay Leno Red Eye joke | PopWatch |
Both bits were pegged to the news in California that a court ruling would require the state to free thousands of inmates from its prisons, leading both joke tellers to mention how this was great news for the Oakland Raiders!

and apparently another show had made the same joke the day before, and then felt compelled to say Leno ripped them off.

The funniest thing in this joke is the people telling it. First of all, jokes like this and the Raiders write themselves. Do they really think Leno could not have thought of that joke if they hadn't first? Secondly, this is a disgustingly outdated and now wildly inaccurate joke, but tired and old comedians have a tendency to fall back on the same old and tired gags.

Around the AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs

Below is a solid look at the statistical difference in QBs under the tutelage of new Chiefs QB coach Jim Zorn.

Ramblings of an Idiot: Influence or Influenza - Arrowhead Pride
Jason Campbell moves on to Oakland and changes offenses once again. Now out of the west coast system his completion % drops back down to what we saw the year before Zorn with exactly the same number of TD's/INT's and sacks taken. Zorn does seem to have an effect on Campbell. His completion percentages under Zorn are the highest of his career, and top 62% both seasons. But, keep in mind that Zorn was the head coach and offensive play caller and had hired Chris Meidt as an assistant coach who worked mostly with the QB's.

Completion percentage is an almost worthless passing statistic. Campbell's yards per completion did not see much of a difference under Zorn.

Denver Broncos

This story came out a couple of days ago, and I am just now getting to it, but it is a fun one.

Punk rockers ‘Elway’ will rock on despite John Elway’s protests - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
"We're not out to get John Elway. This situation is hilarious and he needs to loosen up. Life's too short to worry about a punk rock band using your name."

That quote is from Elway lead singer, Tim Browne. I could not agree more with his quote, which only once again proves that Tim Brown with or without an "E" rules John Elway.

San Diego Chargers

If you prefer to hate all San Diego Chargers, then do not read this next article:

Chargers draft pick familiar with big groups -
Corey Liuget lived here for many of his formative years. He played football in the street, hid under a van out front during a shootout one day, and when he was 12 years old underwent a local rite of passage by having a friend tattoo the upper portion of one arm with the words "32 Ave."

If you skipped the last Charger article you'll probably like this one a little better:

Marcus McNeill had minor offseason knee surgery | National Football Post
San Diego Chargers offensive tackle Marcus McNeill has mended following minor offseason surgery on his knee that he underwent in February. McNeill told Sirius XM NFL Radio that he has made a complete recovery.

When you are 300 pounds there is no such thing as a minor knee surgery. It doesn't take much damage in the knee to reduce lateral movement of a man that size, and lateral movement is kinda a big deal for left tackles.

Around the Lockout

More Lockout Absurdities

The NFL says there will be a supplemental draft in 2011, but there is no agreement with the players to have a draft in 2012. To make a selection in the 2011 supplemental draft teams have to use a 2012 draft selection. The players could easily challenge this decision. Of course, the players hoping to enter the supplemental draft could launch their own law suit if they are denied an avenue to the NFL. ...Awkward!

Source: NFL supplemental draft in July if needed - ESPN
If any players from Ohio State decide to apply for the NFL's supplemental draft in the wake of Jim Tressel's resignation, they will have the chance to be drafted despite the lockout. An NFL official on Tuesday told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that the supplemental draft will be held sometime in July -- if there are applicants.

If you are into courtroom theatrics and excellent lawerying than the upcoming appeal of the decision to lift the lockout is going to be like the Super Bowl.

Lockout Hearing May Give N.F.L. Clarity -
This hearing will include the theater of two of the nation’s most respected appellate lawyers, Theodore B. Olson and Paul D. Clement, arguing against each other for the first time. The two are friends, and each served as United States solicitor general under President George W. Bush. Olson will represent the players, Clement the owners.

Well, like the Super Bowl if it was fixed. This is from the same article:

lawyers inside and outside the case say the players face a steep challenge before a panel that gave an unusually open window into its thinking on the critical issues on which the appeal will be decided. One lawyer called the decision a rebuke to the players’ side.

There is no way the ultra-conservative 8th District Bum-Outs are going to do anything, but overturn Judge Nelson's decision.

Below is a good article on why, after the aforementioned decision is made, that it will only be a matter of time before the players cave.

As NFL Lockout Continues, Players' Thoughts Turn to Contracts, Injuries and 'Modern-Day Slavery' -
"If you are 22 or 23 years old, getting checks for several hundred thousand dollars a week is pretty heady stuff," says Robert Boland, a professor of sports management at New York University's Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management. "The fact that these guys really live above their means isn't a surprise, but it’s very sad, which is why the pressure of a lockout really hurts them and why they need to get back to play and maximize their career. They really need to work to earn their money."

In the meantime, the NFLPA has taken over the responsibility of trying to educate players to avoid situations as the ones just mentioned:

NFL Rookies Will Get Their Symposium After All - Silver And Black Pride
The NFLPA recklessly decides on a whim to hold their own symposium