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Pirate Booty: No Steelers for Nnamdi, Stadium Prices Rising in the Bay Area

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Happy Friday! I can only hope my day gets better from here. I just got done dealing with this crazy intrusive virus Windows 7 restore. It just installs itself from some outdated program and basically renders a computer unusable while they try to bully you into buying their malware program. It is completely ridiculous, but the internet is a virtual wild west. Anyway, if anything like this happens to any of you, and you don't know where to go, I suggest They walked me right through, and provided all the downloads I needed for free.

That said I am giving a quick addition of Pirate Booty today because I am sick of computers at the moment. Jump over....

Steelers Unlikely To Go After Free-Agent Asomugha | Football News Now
Ed Bouchette from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has confirmed that the Steelers won’t pursue Asomugha, but just because they aren’t interested that doesn’t mean other teams won’t go after him. He’ll command a huge salary after having the final year of his previous contract voided.

Price Tag For 49ers Stadium In Santa Clara Going Up « CBS San Francisco
The 68,500 seat stadium is now expected to cost nearly a billion dollars, after officials raised the estimated price tag by $50 million this week.

Former Raider Receiver Jerry Porter Tears Achilles in Alouettes Camp - Silver And Black Pride
Jerry Porter was attempting to play for the love of the game, but his body had other ideas.

Marinscope Newspapers > All > Arts & Entertainment > Oakland Raiders have first presence at AWM Fest
The Raider Nation On Location is new this year to the Art, Wine and Music Festival. Members of the Raiderettes, the cheer and dance team for the Oakland Raiders professional football team, will staff a booth during all festival hours.