Defense of Gannon...I mean just look at that record!

Rich Gannon has recieved a lot of flak from some Raider fans for his 5 Super Bowl interceptions and his annoying and negative comments towards the Raiders since he became a NFL analyst. One thing I did want to look at today was Gannon's record as a quarterback that show his importance in Raiders history since 1988.

Schroeder 5 years with Raiders 32-25 reg. season record 1-1 playoff record, 1 AFC Championship Game.

Beurerlein 3 years with Raiders 8-7 reg. season record, not a primary starter

Hostetler 3 years with Raiders 33-22 reg. season record, 1-1 playoff record, 0 championship games

George 2 years with Raiders 7-16 reg. season record, 0-0 playoff record.

Hollas--we won't waste our lives on him

Gannon 6 years with Raiders 45-29 regular season record 4-3 playoff record, 2 AFC Championship Games and 1 Super Bowl appearence

Collins 2 years with Raiders 7-21 regular season record....PLAYOFFS? Playoffs? Are you kiddin me?

Walter 3 years with Raiders 2-7 regular season record, no playoffs

Culpepper 1 year with the Raiders 2-4 reg. season record, no playoffs

Russell 3 years with Raiders 7-18 reg. season record, no playoffs

Campbell 1 year with Raiders 7-5 reg. season record no playoffs.

I did not include Hollas (mentioned this already) Josh McClown and a few others that were a source of frustration for us all.