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Pirate Booty: Raiders Not for Sale, Stefen Wisniewski Talks, Lockout Getting More Friendly, and More

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It was a busy Friday for Raider news. We got all kinds of Raider stuff in today's Pirate Booty. Of course the big news of the day is the the Raiders were mentioned as one of five teams that is being targeted by AEG to play in the stadium they hope to build in LA.

We also got a couple of interviews by the Raiders highest drafted rookie Stefen Wisniewski, a spotlight on a couple of underrated Raider players, some delusions of grandeur from Robert Gallery, and much more. Also the owners and players seem to actually be playing nice with each other. Jump over....

First we have the reports that the Raiders are drawing interest from the L.A. stadium group. They are looking for a team to not only play in the stadium, but they want to purchase a majority share.

Oakland Raiders Being Targeted by LA Stadium Group - Silver And Black Pride

I don't think it comes as any surprise that Al Davis is not interested in selling.

Trask: Raiders aren’t for sale - Inside the Oakland Raiders
"The team is not for sale. It will remain with the Davis family," CEO Amy Trask said in a statement issued through spokesman John Herrera. The Raiders extended their current lease at the Coliseum through 2013 in November in 2009 and since then Trask has said the focus has been on getting a stadium built on their current site.

I don't think that means the Raiders are out of the woods in terms of moving. They are looking for two teams to fill the stadium.

Wiz II Speaks

Stefen Wisniewski: Born to be a Raider - AFC West Blog - ESPN
"There is a potential complication there, but I’m sure he will make sure to be as hard or, probably even harder, on me than anyone else," he said. "It’s going to be fun to be around him as he follows his dream, too."


Former Penn State standout Stefen Wisniewski training hard for start of NFL season ... whenever that may be |
...I've been working five, sometimes six, days a week. I have gotten bigger. I'm probably 310-315 pounds and I probably played closer to 305 in college. I think the Raiders want me at 310.

Underrated Raiders

Underrated players: AFC West - AFC West Blog - ESPN
The fullback is becoming extinct in the NFL. Many teams just don’t have a use for this position. The fullback, however, thrives in Oakland, a franchise with a rich tradition of fullback play. The Raiders have scored again with Reece. A college receiver, Reece gives Oakland’s offense a delicious variation. He is a key blocker in one of the NFL’s best running attacks, and he is a receiving weapon in short-yardage situations. Plus, the intelligent Reece has become a leader of the unit. The fullback position is alive and well in Oakland.



Clayton's All-Underrated Team strong up middle -- NFL - ESPN
Jacoby Ford averaged 18.8 yards a catch for the Raiders, giving Al Davis the deep speed he thought he would get from Darrius Heyward-Bey. Hue Jackson said this week Ford could be a star.

Saunders Grading Scale

Al Saunders Helping 'SHAPE' Raiders and Jason Campbell - Silver And Black Pride
A look at Al Saunders QB grading system

Raiders Roster Rambling

Robert Gallery is going to be disappointed on the open market. news: Quality guards won't come cheap once lockout is lifted
Veteran Robert Gallery turned down a deal to stay with the Oakland Raiders before the lockout to take his chances in free agency. It was probably a good business decision, but things will change quickly if players with four and five years of experience are declared free agents pending the outcome of the new CBA. The quality of four- and five-year players is excellent: Justin Blalock and Harvey Dahl of the Falcons would enter the market, as well as Davin Joseph (Tampa Bay), Deuce Lutui (Arizona), Daryn Colledge (Green Bay) and Marshal Yanda (Baltimore).

It looks like those four and five year players will be free agents. That is going to push Gallery way down the list of guards. He is an injury prone 32-year old. Good luck, Robert.

Around the AFC West

San Diego Chargers

The Canadian Press: San Diego Chargers spokesman: Alex Spanos' stake no longer for sale
The Spanos family terminated a deal with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in March to find a buyer for some or all of Alex Spanos' 36 per cent stake in the team, Chargers spokesman Mark Fabiani said

Kansas City Chiefs

State Of The Kansas City Chiefs: The Core Seven - SB Nation Kansas City
The Kansas City Chiefs now find themselves in the ‘build through the draft' mold of these two scenarios. Most teams fit somewhere in the middle but we took a look at the two extremes to give you a picture of the difference. Aiken_Drum over at Arrowhead Pride took a look at a philosophy of building a team with a "core 7" a few months ago and talked a little bit about Bill Polian, the President of the Indianapolis Colts and this philosophy that has served them well.

Denver Broncos

Tim Tebow is ridiculously ripped - The Early Lead - The Washington Post
During the lockout, the Denver Broncos’ quarterback has been signing copies of his book and, during a stop in Memphis, a gun show broke out when he played in the St. Jude Classic golf tournament.

Around the Lockout

Fujita confirms progress is being made | ProFootballTalk
It’s too early to assume a deal is coming (notwithstanding a stray report that the lockout is "over," which quickly was massaged without comment to "almost over"), but for the first time since the lockout began it’s becoming more and more clear that the parties are motivated to set aside the acrimony and focus on finding a win-win solution. Both sides deserve plenty of credit for putting the interests of the game and the fans above short-term strategies aimed at finagling a "win" at the bargaining table, or in court.