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Oakland Raiders Rookie Stefen Wisniewski is Bulking Up

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Leading up to the draft there were a number of people that expressed the concern that Stefen Wisniewski did not have adequate size to be on offensive lineman in the NFL. These people are clearly idiots (please don't check to see if I was among the idiots). I am not sure what all that nonsense was about.

I quoted this in today's Pirate Booty, but I figure it is worth its own post since there is little else going on. This is from the newest Raider Wisniewski in an question and answer session with Bob Flounders and posted at

Q: Most college players try to add size as they prepare for their first NFL season. Have you gotten bigger or do the Raiders want you at a lower weight?

WISNIEWSKI: "I have gotten bigger. I'm probably 310-315 pounds and I probably played closer to 305 in college. I think the Raiders want me at 310.''

In defense of the idiots (which I will tell you I am not unless you remember otherwise) there were numerous listings that had his playing weight around 285 and not 305. 305 is a solid weight for an NFL center—310-315 is even better.

The fact that he is adding weight at all is terrific sign. I think we can be fairly confident that it is not JaMarcus Russell weight he is adding.

I've been working five, sometimes six, days a week.

Aside from the bonus of added mass this should directly address the other big knock on Wisniewski leading up to the draft: lack of lower body strength.

I never doubted that Wisniewski would work hard, but you never know if a person's frame will allow for more bulk. If he is up to 315, and kept his mobility and explosiveness, then I am even more confident that the Raiders are set at center for the next 10-15 years.