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Video: Classic Raiders Footage

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Raiders Video Time! I thought I'd go with some classic footage this week. A few nights night ago they showed two separate hour long documentaries on the NFL channel. One on the 1980 Raiders and one on the 1983 Raiders. They were fantastic. Anyway, it got me in the mood for some classic Raider footage. And the one thing those videos didn't have was John Facenda.

And I know there will always be two things I don't get tired of in this life: watching Raider highlights, and John Facenda narration. Sometimes I just hear Facenda's voice in my head, and—unlike the other voices—it is always welcomed. "And he reaches for the produce with deft precision. Years of shopping have trained him for this moment, and he would not let himself or the produce down." It really makes everything that much more entertaining. Alright, without further ado....

Vintage Oakland Raiders-More John Facenda (via duppydoopy)