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Raiders: Future LA or Oakland Home Poll

I don't know why I didn't think of this poll sooner, but with AEG dropping the news recently that the Oakland Raiders were one of the five NFL teams they had talked to into moving into their proposed stadium in Los Angeles it seems like a good time to gauge the percentage of Raider Nation of this happening. I assume most of you know the story, but a quick rundown in AEG is trying to build a mega stadium/entertainment complex in LA. They will look for two teams to play there.

They are also looking to buy a majority share in a NFL team. Upon release of the statement that they had talked to the Raiders, the Raiders quickly announced that they were not for sale and that the team would be staying in the Davis family. An announcement that I don't think shocked anyone. Of course, the Raiders could still move to LA as the second team.

Their lease is up in Oakland in 2013, which would probably coincide with the completion of a stadium (if they can get it built) pretty well. Oh, also the Raiders have expressed their desire to build a stadium on there current site. A proposition that doesn't seem very close to being approved. So, my question to you is not what you want to happen, but what you think will happen.

For what it's worth, I absolutely 100 percent want the Raiders to stay in Oakland, and this is coming from a guy who fell in love with the Raiders when they and I lived in LA.