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Pirate Booty: Raiders WRs' Front and Center, Nnamdi to the Ravens?, and More Terelle Pryor Chatter

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Well it's Monday. And, if you are like me, you feel good after watching LeBron James' symphony of failure. But as the LeKing warned, I am waking up to the same problems I had yesterday and back into the "real world," and he is going back to his superior golden god life with his family.

Oh no! He showed us. I am so glad that LeBron reminded me how bad my life sucks. I almost forgot that I just disappeared on the biggest game of my life, then stuck my foot in my mouth as a way to deny being inadequate and alienated the majority of American public. Oh wait, that's what LeBron did! It wasn't his fault though. As LeBron already tweeted he was held back by the big coach in the sky.

I realize this is not about football, but LeBron has made it so much fun to pile it on him. While he failed in the finals, it was in the ensuing hours where his real failure came. That is when he choked at life. LeBron has revealed his character to be a house of cards. He has no idea how to deal with adversity. I hope he starts to figure it out, but while he is busy dealing with his personal shortcomings in spite filled, insecure, arrogant rants he will not have my sympathy. 

Let's talk Raiders! As you can tell, I was busy watching basketball and laughing at LeBron last night. So today we just have Raiders tidbits after the jump.


Raiders Grab Bag O' Booty

'Action' Jackson is a Ford man:

Raiders Coach Hue Jackson Thinks Jacoby Ford Will Have a Breakout Season in 2011 - SB Nation Bay Area
The fact of the matter is, the Raiders cannot afford to sit around and wait for Heyward-Bey to develop into a serious downfield threat when they have a guy who is ready to step into that role and produce now. If Jackson can convince Davis to let him start Ford over Heyward-Bey, it will be very telling about how much Davis trusts Jackson, or doesn’t trust him.

It is certainly going to be interesting to watch how the playing time for the receiver corps shakes out. Especially If he-who-shall-not-be-jinxed stays healthy. With Denarius Moore likely pushing for snaps as the season goes there isn't going to be a lot of PT for DHB.

Speaking of players pushing for snaps at receiver—I don't see much room for this next guy:

Nick Miller of Raiders working out with the best
Thanks to being in the right place at the right time, Miller, 24, has seen the light - he's working out with and getting tips from Pro Bowl receivers. "Every day, I learn something from them," Miller said. "It's brought my game from A to Z already, in just the short time I have been with them."

Thanks to bryhnno for fan shotting that article. He mentioned Wes Welker visions of Miller in the slot. We shall see. Ideally, I think Murphy would be best suited for the slot. Miller is going to have his work cut out to make the team. It sounds like he is doing everything to be prepared, and that is a good start.

Jerry McDonald is totally cheesing on Terrelle Pryor:

McDonald: Ohio State's Terrelle Pryor worth supplemental draft pick - Inside Bay Area
Davis once drafted a similar football-basketball phenom in the seventh round as an athlete out of North Carolina, and Ronald Curry evolved into the team's best receiver before having his career cut short by Achilles tears. Davis took Bo Jackson in the seventh round in 1987 when he played baseball and plucked Raghib Ismail out of the Canadian Football League in the fourth round in 1991. Pryor is the very definition of the kind of athletes the Raiders love.

Raiders should be taking hard look at Pryor - Inside the Oakland Raiders
Pryor will surely want to give quarterback a shot and he deserves at least that. But that wouldn’t mean he couldn’t be utilized in other ways. You see it happen all the time in college. Players see a faster way to the field, and are all of a sudden more receptive to a position switch because they want to contribute.

The thing about Pryor succeeding at receiver is he is going to have to want to. I am not sold he will show that kind of dedication to the position switch.

The Austrian Raiders kick ass!

SWARCO Raiders Dethrone Champion to Reach Austrian Bowl -
The SWARCO Raiders, The Oakland Raiders‘ Austrian sister team, advanced to Austrian Bowl XXVII. In the playoff semifinal of the Austrian Football League (AFL) the Tyroleans defeated last year’s Austrian Football League champion Danube Dragons 29-0 (12-0; 7-0; 7-0; 3-0).

Raiders Roster Ramblings

This next article does a nice job of saying absolutely nothing:

Ravens Insider: Oakland's Nnamdi Asomugha on hit list -
The Ravens might not be able to pay the price for Asomugha, regarded as one of the best cover corners in the league, but they will at least pursue him when or if the free-agent market opens.

So, the Ravens will basically be window shopping. Maybe they can put Nnam on layaway.