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Raiders' QB Jason Campbell is "Definitely the Guy"

Oakland Raiders' QB experienced some serious growing pains in his first year as the Raiders off and on starter. And the transition certainly seemed to leave him less than assertive with his teammates. The QB shuffle with Bruce Gradkowski also seemed to leave his confidence in tatters.

However, once he settled into the starters role after Gradkowski's injury ended his season his confidence level and leadership seemed to pick up. Well, it seems as if that trend has continued in the offseason.

Campbell is the Raiders unquestioned starter as we drift in the abyss that is the 2011 lockout offseason, and he appears to be growing into his role. He has had his receivers at his house for workouts, and he took the lead for the offense during the workouts paid for and started by Richard Seymour.

Nick Miller gives us a player's perspective on the process in a recent conversation with Vittorio Tafur on

Last year was Jason's first year, and he came in and wasn't sure about a lot of things, and then he got benched. But he finished up strong and this year, he is the guy. He is reaching out to people, taking charge of situations and people are looking to him. You can feel it. The whole vibe has changed ... the quarterback is the leader of the team and he's definitely the guy now.

You know, I'd prefer that Jason didn't need these things to happen to take a leadership role. I'd prefer the QB just took that attitude with him everywhere he goes regardless of his surroundings. But, it is better late than never, and the fact that he is growing more comfortable is a positive sign for the upcoming season.

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