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NFL Lockout: Is the End in Sight?

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The NFL lockout is in day way-too-many, but the end may be in sight. The two sides are meeting today. And according to Chris Mortensen's Twitter they have turned down the lights, poured some courvoisier, lit some candles and cranked up the Barry White because "both sides in deal-making mode."

Several reports, from well regarded sources, say a deal may only be a couple of weeks away. Daniel Kaplan said via Twitter:

Told optimism is so high in NFL, players talks over labor deal that expectation is for a framework agreement in about two weeks

And The Washington Post published an article detailing the progress.

The NFL and locked out players have made enough progress in their recent negotiations that a deal between the two sides is within reach during the next two or three weeks, people on both sides of the dispute said Tuesday.

Backing up this sentiment is the fact that  lawyers have been brought back into the "secret" meetings. While the absence of lawyers has been key to building the progress that has led to this point it has been speculated that the fact they are back in the fold is a sign that the talks have progressed to a point where they are needed. Of course, never underestimate the ability to convolute matters to the point where their employment is further required.

That two week guideline makes sense. The word on the street is that a if a deal is in place by July 15th it would allow enough time for a full training camp and preseason. This is something the owners will be motivated to get done. According to an AP report, a lost preseason would cost $1 billion.

I have lost all faith in the people involved doing the right thing, however, my faith in them doing everything possible to not lose money remains completely in tact.