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NFL Lockout: Expecting a Deal in 2 Weeks 'Is Borderline Insane'

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Like the sands through the hourglass, this is how the NFL lockout turns. Yesterday was full of optimism. There were various reports that a new CBA looked like it would be in place in two weeks. One report went as far as to say it may only be a few days away. Well according to a source of ESPN's Adam Schefter, those thoughts are "borderline insane."

Apparently the talks, and budding goodwill, almost "blew up" Tuesday with the reappearance of the lawyers. Things apparently got so contentious that two sources told Schefter that De Smith had to tell his two lawyers to "Stand down."

Stand down? Really? What the hell was going on in there? Did they have they have their guns drawn. I didn't realize people actually said that outside of the military or the police force.

Also, my guess is that the lawyers were doing exactly what Smith wanted them to for a lil' good cop-bad cop routine. While it is in the lawyers best interest to behave in these contentious spasms the negotiations have seemingly reached a point where the lawyers are only there to carry out to fill out the legalese of the agreements made by the negotiators.

Oh well. These reports don't mean that we are any further away from a deal than we were yesterday. It is simply a sign that negotiations aren't over until they are over, and the remaining not-yet-agreed-upon details remain for a reason.

Or as sources told Schefter that while progess has been made there was still "a lot of drama and a lot of room for mistakes left."