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NFL Lockout: Resolution Day Predictions

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NFL lockout news remains mostly positive. Other than De Smith having to tell his rascally lawyers to "stand down" it seems like things are progressing rather amicably. Yesterday lockout news was flooded with reports that a deal may only be two weeks away.

We had a bit of cold water thrown on that today when Adam Schefter released a statement from a source saying that belief was "borderline insane." And such is the state of our "third weekly predict the end of the lockout poll."

The first poll came out just after the announcement that the first of these seemingly fruitful secret meetings had taken place. So the results have been fairly optimistic. July was the majority winner in both instances. Last week July won in a landslide by collecting over 50 percent of the votes. June also took a jump in percentage points.

August, September, October and not all all saw between a 1-5 percentage point drop. There you have it—vote away.