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Raiders' Stanford Routt Issues Statement About His Statement

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Yesterday brhynno gave us the highlights of the Raiders very own Stanford Routt's interview with Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan on Sirus Radio. Among other things brhynno pointed out that Routt said:

...we ran a little bit of zone that game, but predominantly, it's what we do. If we play 60 snaps on defense, at least 56 of those are going to be man coverage. Everyone in the league knows what our game plan is.

Well, well, well that interview got the attention of more than just brhynno (although it got his internet attention first). Today Jerry McDonald published many of the same highlights. Then Greg Rosenthal of caught wind of it and commented on Routt's comments under this title, Stanford Routt on Raiders D: "Everyone in the league knows what our game plan is."

None of the articles went out of their way to make it sound like Routt was bashing the Raiders defensive scheme, but quotes like, "We basically play man every damn down," and "it's hard as hell to do," can easily be construed as a bit of frustration being vented from his mouthpiece.

So, Routt had his publicist issue a statement today via the National Football Post: "Stanford has strong belief in the team no matter what the plays are going to be. The team makes no excuses."

Take it as a sign of new age connectivity that things got this far this quick. Also, Routt can be forgiven for sticking his foot in his mouth a couple of times since up until this offseason no one gave a damn what he had to say. And for the record, I don't think he was overly exaggerating anything he said.