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Jacoby Ford Upset About His Image Being Used to Promote Expo of Porn Stars

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Stanford Routt wasn't the only Raider busy issuing statements on Thursday. Jacoby Ford had a thing or two to say himself.

As we talked about in today's Pirate Booty it appears that the adult entertainment company Exxxotica Expo got a little infringy on the NFL and some players. As I was pointing out the Chiefs and Chargers players I failed to notice that Jacoby Ford was also wrapped up in this. makes it impossible to miss:

Raiders' Jacoby Ford's image was used along with four other NFL players to promote the world's largest expo of porn stars, and the wideout is not happy about it.

The other four involved were the Chiefs defensive backs Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry, Bears safety Major Wright and Texans defensive back Kareem Jackson in their uniforms, and at least Berry is threatening legal action. Ford said via Twitter (as Ozraider already pointed out) that he had no knowledge of the situation, and wasn't even in town. 

He then released this statement as found on

"To all my fans, friends and family, I just want to clarify that I did not authorize the use of my name or likeness for the Exxxotica Expo event that took place in Miami. I was not at the event or even in the state of Florida when it took place. It’s unfortunate people don’t take the right steps to seek permission before using player’s names and it ends up
portraying my support for something I would never be involved with. I stand behind the NFL’s ongoing investigation and want to make sure everyone knows that these are not the types of events I would personally endorse. I look forward to playing football and doing my best for the Raider Nation!"

The NFL is conducting their own investigation to see if the players' statements about their lack of knowledge of the situation are true. One thing is for certain, the NFL is not going to let Exxxotica Expo continue to use their property to promote a porn expo.

My guess is the league sues the company right out of existence. They have gotten too much free publicity out of this to skirt by with anything else.