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Pirate Booty: Various Raiders Release Various Statements, and Will We See a Big Fat Comeback?

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There is not a lot of Raider chatter for us to discuss in today's Pirate Booty. And most of the chatter revolves around prepared statements released to the press. Exciting right? If it helps at all one of the statements involves porn!

Anyway, it's probably all for the best since I am crunched for time, and I am going to keep this short....


Statements on Statements About Statements

Stanford Routt has no problem going man 56 of 60 snaps.

Raiders' Stanford Routt Issues Statement About His Statement - Silver And Black Pride
Routt clears up his comments from a recent interview

I'm with Jacoby Ford. I hate it when porn stars use my image to promote themselves.

Jacoby Ford Upset About His Image Being Used to Promote Expo of Porn Stars - Silver And Black Pride

Obligatory Nnam Talk

Asomugha is no longer a luxury item | June
What makes the Eagles and Texans so special that they can pay Nnamdi what he is worth while maintaining a good team? And why do so many people seem to think the Raiders are incapable of doing the same thing?

Well, what makes them so special is that they have less payroll currently tied up. The Raiders used whatever room they were going to have to offer a huge FA contract to anyone on Richard Seymour and Stanford Routt.

Depending on the numbers you look at, they or the Cowboys had the highest payroll in the league in 2010, and the Raiders are already nearing the 2009 cap level, and they still have to sign rookies and others. The cap is almost assuredly coming back—if not this year than the next.

Hopefully Nnam will come back, but he'd have to be willing to take a contract that is not as financially beneficial to him as what other teams will be able to offer. Other than that though, the Raiders are totally capable of offering the same kind of contract as other teams. 

News That Joyfully in No Way Pertains to the Raiders

The lockout has gone on way too long. felt the need to assess the fat deuce's chances of coming back: news: Fat chance that colossal draft failure Russell returns to NFL
La Confora - If Russell has the desire to play football and be a professional, then I think the chance could still come. He had a few workouts during the 2010 season, more could be ahead. The timing of the lockout has worked against him, but eventually it will be resolved. And if Russell can show enough in some tryouts to open an eye or two, the NFL might not be entirely closed to him, at a bargain-basement price.

Wyche - John Lucas, stopped working with Russell. Lucas has done wonders for a lot of folks trying to get their lives in order. Him quitting on Russell is a bad message -- really bad.

Carucci - Russell does not show an aptitude for reading complex coverages, nor does he display the desire to put forth the necessary time and effort to improve in that area. He doesn't seem to be a natural leader and doesn't appear to have the presence, command or sense of accountability that go with playing quarterback at the highest level.

Davis - I don't see Russell ever playing in the NFL again

Kirwan - He is so far behind the quarterbacks in the league that it is unrealistic to think anyone will sign him.