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NFL Lockout: Infighting Amongst Owners Threatens to Derail Negotiations

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As NFL lockout news filtered out from the players and owners negotiations this week one of the tidbits that the public became privy to was that the team official were preparing to stay an extra night in Chicago at next weeks owners' meetings. This news was largely seen as a good sign. The speculation was that the owners may be voting on a new CBA.

Well, according to an ESPN report the extra time at those meeting is going to be needed to address internal dissension.

A handful of NFL owners -- at least two of whom are from AFC teams -- believes the parameters of the deal being discussed don't adequately address the original issues the league wanted corrected from the 2006 collective bargaining agreement, according to sources.

The report goes onto mention that these unnamed owners have felt this way since Roger Goodell was given the authority via an owners vote to offer and negotiate whatever he thought was best for the league.

The same report mentions, that according to a source, the two sides had an "unofficial timeline as to how events such as training camp and free agency would play out if there is an agreement on the more significant elements of the deal."

That makes it sound as if they would get back to the NFL season before the fine print is ironed out, which surprises me, but I hope that is true.

The rest of this can only be construed as bad news. Hopefully, in terms of getting football back quickly, the disagreeable owners are outnumbered enough that there dissent won't matter.

I think I actually have a pretty good idea who the two AFC owners are and what their issues may be. I'll have more on that a little later.