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Pirate Booty: Raiders in the Eurobowl, Nnamdi Probably Not Going to the Ravens, and More

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Happy Saturday, everyone. Welcome to Pirate Booty. It is a big day in Raider Nation—a championship day. That's right the SWARCO Raiders are in the Eurobowl today. Go Raiders! May you dominate by the sheer force of your name.

There is some other stuff going on too. We got some more on Stanford Routt, obligatory Nnamdi news, Chargers getting arrested, and the owners hating on each other. Jump over....

Raiders in the Eurobowl!

Does anyone know what SWARCO stands for? I have no idea. I did know that the perks of being a former Raider great were vast, but I didn't know they were this cool. Check it out:

Raiders Send Delegation to Innsbruck -
The Oakland Raiders will support their Austrian sister team, the SWARCO Raiders, in their quest for the 2011 Eurobowl title. The Silver and Black will send Pro Football Hall of Famer and Raiders legend Willie Brown as well as six Raiderettes to Innsbruck for Eurobowl XXV. The final of the European Football League (EFL) will take place on Saturday, June 18 at Tivoli Stadium. The two-time Eurobowl champion SWARCO Raiders host reigning champion Berlin Adler in this battle for the European crown.

Some love for our boy Stan:

Raiders’ Routt has no fear of constant man coverage - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
According to STATS, Inc., Routt (who was one of the league's most-targeted cornerbacks, as enemy quarterbacks were desperate to throw away from Asomugha) put up some of the NFL's best numbers in 2010: a 42 percent catch rate allowed, which was better than any qualifying cornerback in the league not named Darrelle Revis(notes). Routt also placed among the league leaders in yards per attempt and completion percentage allowed. He gave up just four touchdown passes in 2010, which amounted to just under 5 percent of all passes thrown his way.

Raiders Roster Ramblings

I have been surprised by the lack of mention of Gradkowski's name this offseason. With the amount of teams looking for a stop gap while the prep their young QBs, Grad seems like a good cheap answer:

Charley Walters: A NFL labor resolution would benefit Vikings, rookie QB Christian Ponder -
The Vikings still are expected to sign a journeyman QB, perhaps Bruce Gradkowski, 28, from the Oakland Raiders, as insurance while continuing to develop Joe Webb

Nnamdi likely won't be a Raven. The rest of the AFC is fine with that.

John Harbaugh: Ravens coach talks about Sergio Kindle, Torrey Smith and the Ravens' offseason -
Speaking of really good football players, Harbaugh kind of talked about Oakland cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, a free agent who should command top dollar on the open market. The fourth-year coach said he has been asked about "one of the top corners" -- we can assume he meant Asomugha --but he’s not a top priority. "Yeah, we’re interested. We’re interested in all the good players," Harbaugh said. "[But] I like our players. To me, the No. 1 priority is our players. I want our players re-signed. And that’s Ozzie’s No. 1 priority. … If we can’t get every one of them signed, then we’ll have to look outside or we’ll go with the younger guys, depending on who those guys are."

Around the AFC West

Denver Broncos

John Fox will try to instill toughness, balance in Broncos - NFL - Sporting News
The Broncos made a big move toward quickly rebuilding their dismal defense by drafting Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller with the second overall pick in April. Look for Fox, who turned Juluis Peppers and Jon Beason into dominant playmakers in Carolina, to put Miller in the best position to succeed—even if it means mixing in some 3-4 concepts with the 4-3 Fox likes to play to take advantage of Miller's prowess as an edge rusher.


Kansas City Chiefs

I think Wiegmann should just go ahead and retire. Or better yet, he should get a taste of playing for a real team before he goes and volunteer his services to the Raiders.

Chiefs Casey Wiegmann On Possibly Retiring: 'It's Hard To Give It Up' - SB Nation Kansas City
When it comes to any official word, Wiegmann admits he's still completely up in the air. "I haven't made any decision. Things have to be the right fit. I mean, I'm doing my thing just training and getting ready just in case something happens. I'll be ready if something happens, but like I said, it has to be the right fit ... Like I said, I'm just training and being ready in case anything happens. I can retire if I want to retire. I can play if I want to play. I just want to keep my options open."

That kind of sounds like Wiegmann wants more money to me.

San Diego Chargers

Charger Antwan Applewhite Pleads Not Guilty | NBC San Diego
Chargers player Antwan Applewhite was arraigned Tuesday, pleading not guilty on suspicion of DUI according to the San Diego County Superior Court

Around the Lockout

NFL Lockout: Infighting Amongst Owners Threatens to Derail Negotiations - Silver And Black Pride

NFL Lockout: Revenue Sharing is Likely Source of Owners Inner Negotiations - Silver And Black Pride
This revenue sharing was a source of contention between the owners the last time a new CBA was agreed upon in 2006, and was brought up by Buffalo's Ralph Wilson at the '06 owner's meeting.

Here's a good take on the pettiness of the owners:

Distrustful owners hold the key to unlocking the lockout - NFL - Football
The owners like each other far less than they like the players, and trust each other not at all. It's why all the reports of an imminent settlement always sound more like begging than fact-finding.

Arlen Specter is trying hard to become my personal hero. First he tried to get Belicheat for spygate and now this:

Arlen Specter calls for Congressional involvement in lockout | ProFootballTalk
Arlen Specter, a long-time Republican who switched to the Democratic party in 2009 and lost his bid for re-election at the primary level in 2010, writes in an op-ed for the New York Times that Congress should force a resolution of the labor dispute. Specifically, Specter believes Congress should hinge the antitrust exemption upon the parties’ agreement to binding arbitration based on each side’s last, best offer. Under this approach, a third party would weigh the respective final offers, and choose one or the other.

Cool. The NFL party that has no role in the negotiations hears it may end in late July.

Despite differences among owners, coaches on alert for late July - NFL - Football
There's no deadline for the NFL to complete negotiations with its players, but coaches across the league have been alerted business could resume anywhere from mid- to late July, with two sources telling me there's a feeling that late July is more likely.

They're probably right. This is going to end when the owners want it to end, and some of the owners have probably given some of their coaches some sort of feel, and that's the sum of it.