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Video: Oakland Raiders Lockout Highlight Fix

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I am watching the U.S. Open. And that's cool and all, but you know what's better? Watching paint dry...I mean football. So, I dove over to youtube to get my, and consequently our (I'm a good sharer), weekly Raider highlight fix. This week's fix consists of highlights all lit in the 2010 season.

Quick tangent alert: I don't say 2010-11 season. This is football, not basketball. We don't say the '76-77 Raiders. No, it's just the '76 Raiders. 

Anyway, back to the highlights. These are mostly of Darren McFadden and Jacoby Ford cranking up the juke meter and turning on the after burners. A great reminder of the explosive possibilities in this Raider offense. An offense that is adding college big play specialists Taiwan Jones and Denarius Moore. An offense that also features a big play tight end, and the biggest play receiving fullback ever. End this lockout! 

*HIGHLIGHTS* Oakland Raiders 2010-11 "Cant Be Stopped" (via dragbike14)