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Raiders' Darren McFadden Makes People Look Like They Need to Improve Their Tackling

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Alright, so we just got done talking about Lamarr Houston's league wide defensive line leading six missed tackles. Admittedly six plays is not many, and for the record I don't remember a single instance of Houston missing a tackle. On the flip side of defenders allowing broken tackles is offensive players breaking tackles. And here is where we get to Raider whose proficiency in this area is impossible to miss.

Darren McFadden had the sixth most broken tackles in the NFL in 2011. Again, this is an unofficial stat, and FO defines it as such:

...either the ballcarrier escapes from the grasp of the defender, or the defender is in good position for a tackle but the ballcarrier jukes him out of his shoes. If the ballcarrier sped by a slow defender who dived and missed, that didn't count as a broken tackle. We only measured broken tackles for standard plays.

McFadden was seventh in broken tackle percentage, which—as you can probably guess—is the amount of boken tackles divided by total touches.

I doubt it comes as a surprise to anyone who follows the Raiders that McFadden is near the top of the list. The dude makes people seriously reassess their ability to do the most basic of football skills, the tackle. He can juke people. He can truck people, and he can stiff arm then into the ground. And this stat doesn't  count the people who couldn't get into position because McFadden's speed took them right out of the picture.