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Adam Schein Fails to Comprehend Own Thoughts with NFL Rankings

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Even Adam Schein of FOX Sports doesn't know what he is talking about. He recently sat down and ranked all 32 NFL franchises (click previous link to view). To rank them he broke each franchise down to six categories: Owner, Quaterback, Coach, Front Office, Coaching Staff and Intangibles. He then assigned each category a numerical grade between 1-10, and ranked them according to their total.

The Raiders were ranked 26th. The ranking is far lower than I would put this storied franchise that currently has a young up and coming team, but given the fact that the Raiders are coming off of the worst stretch in franchise history it is a defensible and understandable ranking given by someone outside of Raider Nation.

Here are his numerical grades:

Owner: 3
Quarterback: 3
Coach: 4
Front office: 2
Coaching staff: 5
Intangibles: 7

Here is his reasoning:

For the record, I really believe in new head coach Hue Jackson. For the record, owner Al Davis firing Tom Cable after sweeping through the AFC West shows that change and chaos always rules in Oakland. I love how the Raiders aren’t cutting coaches' salaries, but asking them to sell tickets during the lockout. "Raider Nation" helps the intangibles. The stadium hurts the grade.

For the record, you are a babbling brook of nonsense Mr. Schein. Let's see, you really believe Hue Jackson, but you give him a 4 out of 10. You also really like Hue Jackson, but you see the firing Tom Cable to replace him with Hue Jackson as a move of change and chaos.

You know how sometimes you say something and realize as your saying it that the thought contradicts itself? Well, that is what Schein has just done. Only he typed it and then published it.