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Terrelle Pryor: Does Mike Holmgren Think Pryor is An NFL QB?

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Terrelle Pryor to the Raiders are rumors that just won't quit. I don't think it is going to happen, and that is okay with me. However, it is fun to debate, and there is some information coming out today that could certainly persuade my mind. The problem is that the information, as all information disseminating from teams regarding un-signed players, it is too vague to know which way to take it.

Here it is:

Cleveland Browns doing their research on Terrelle Pryor for NFL supplemental draft |
The Browns are intrigued enough by former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor to do their due diligence on him for the supplemental draft, a league source told The Plain Dealer.

And let me just say, if Mike Holmgren likes Terrell Pryor as a QB than I like Terrelle Pryor as a QB. Jump over....

Holmgren's QB development resume is second to none, and so is his QB identifying skills. Holmgren had a big hand in the Packer acquiring Brett Favre and drafting Mark Brunell. He then traded for Matt Hasslebeck. Last year he took Colt McCoy in the third round and McCoy looks like he might be a franchise QB.

He also drafted Seneca Wallace when people were saying many of the same things about Wallace as they are about Pryor now.

However, we have no idea if this interest is as a QB or receiver. The Browns have a big need at receiver.

For the record Jon Gruden is on board with Pryor's QB potential. This is from the same report:

Terrelle Pryor can run and he can throw and he's a hell of a competitor. You might have to cater your offense, to a degree, towards his strengths, but I think this guy can develop his passing.

Gruden's praise of a QB's potential does little for me at the moment. It benefits his current position as a TV analysts who hosts specials with QBs jumping from college to the pro to speak kindly of players. If he publicly trashed their pro prospects then no one would want to go on his show.

It is this part that catches my attention: "You might have to cater your offense" that I am focusing on. If that's what Holmgren believes then he is looking at Pryor as a receiver. Holmgren finds people to fit the system in place and not the other way around.

In the end, my opinion on Pryor remains unchanged, which you can read about here:

Terrelle Pryor: Is He a Good Option for the Raiders or the NFL at All?

I will say if the Browns take Pryor and have him playing QB than I will expect to have to eat my words.