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Pirate Booty: Head Coach Mike Waufle? Nnamdi Staying with Raiders? And Much More

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This NFL lockout thing is cruising right along now. Yesterday there were reports of the terms taken to the owners, and it sounds like Roger Goodell has the green light to take these terms and run with them. That means we are are getting close to football, which should bring us some actual Raider news to report and not just speculation and opinion pieces, which is what we have today. Check it out....

ESPN rated the top ten assistant coaches in the NFL based on:

AFC West shut out in assistant coach top 10 - AFC West Blog - ESPN
We were looking for assistants who could soon be head coaches in the NFL. Coaches who have been interim head coaches were eligible; former full-time coaches, however, were not eligible.

Oakland Raiders defensive line coach Mike Waufle received some votes and he finished in 13th place. I ranked Waufle in 10th place. I really like the way Oakland’s defensive line developed under his guidance last season. To a man, his defensive linemen swear by Waufle. He’s definitely a coach to keep an eye on.

Mike Waufle is an awesome position coach. However, I don't think he belongs on this list because he doesn't want to be a head coach. He seems content being a D-line coach. That is a very rare and admirable quality.

Hue Jackson lives in a van down by the river (SNL reference for those of you who aren't into the finer arts).

Raiders Head Coach Doing Motivational Speaking During Lockout | Football News Now
Jackson will be the featured speaker at the Fresno Advertising Federation Foundation’s Focus breakfast at TorNino’s in Fresno on Thursday, July 7. Jackson will deliver a motivational speech on "Building a Winner" and teach those in the audience how to adapt that philosophy in their own lives.

Raiders Are Eurobowl Champs!

No, they didn't play on Tuesday. I just forgot about this. It sounds like it was an amazing battle. Just check out the recap:

SWARCO Raiders triumphieren in Eurobowl XXV gegen Berlin - Yahoo! Eurosport
Eurobowl XXV: SWARCO Raiders vs. Berlin Adler 27:12

An der eigenen 25-Yard Linie beginnend, brachte ein Pass von Toon ein First Down für Berlin an deren 45-Yard Linie. Dann fing Naranjo Gonzales einen 12-Yarder. Eine Strafe gegen die Hausherren brachte den Ball an die 29-Yard Linie. Die Adler gelangten bis an die 21-Yard Linie. Doch anstatt es mit einem Field Goal zu versuchen, gingen die Berliner auf Risiko. Ein Pass von Toon in die Endzone wurde von Krause abgefangen.

So Sick of All the Outdated Raider Jokes - Silver And Black Pride

Is the Oakland Raiders Defense Really Too Simple? - Silver And Black Pride
Are the Raiders one of the 5 most simple defenses in the NFL?

Raiders Roster Ramblings

Take a look at how the proposed new free agent rules affect the Raiders:

NFL Free Agency: Players With 4 or More Years of Service Likely to Be Unrestricted - Silver And Black Pride

Weigh in on Terrelle Pryor:

Terrelle Pryor: Does Mike Holmgren Think Pryor is An NFL QB? - Silver And Black Pride

Gil Brandt is the first person outside of Raider Nation I've seen list the Raiders as the favorite to keep Nnam:

NFL Live Chat - Gil Brandt
Don't be surprised if Asomugha goes back to the Raiders. Al Davis historically loves cornerbacks, and will do everything possible to get Asomugha back. They money was one reason why the Raiders didn't pick up his option. The next three teams, not in any particular order, are the Texans, Lions and Eagles. Those are three teams that if they get someone like Asomugha, they're likely in the playoffs.

FNN reported on Brandt's report and added:

Raiders Re-Signing Asomugha Simple Dollars And Sense | Football News Now
And for all of the speculation about which team has cornered the market on Asomugha, it really comes down to simple dollars and sense. All things being equal, if the Raiders can manage to present a contract with the dollars that are within shouting distance of the top offer, it makes sense for Asomugha to be back in black…and silver.

Yup, it's all about the benjamins...mostly. I agree the Raiders just have to get in the ballpark, I just don't see how they are going to do that.

Here are a couple of fans' take on adding Nnam to their favorite teams:

Asomugha and Eagles rumors resurfacing: Fan reaction - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The Philadelphia Eagles have been linked as a possible destination for cornerback Nmandi Asomugha for some time now, but many thought it wouldn't happen. Asomugha is over the age where the Eagles traditionally refrain from signing players. Also, his contract could be worth more than the team cares to spend on one position. But as an Eagles fan, I'm glad to see this rumor popping up again. Of all the free agents being linked to Philadelphia, Asomugha is the one that excites me the most.

Asomugha or Ngata? - Ebony Bird - A Baltimore Ravens blog
The salary cap prohibits a team from stocking up on great players (who of course cost a lot of money) and forces a team to build through the draft. The Ravens have been one of the best teams in the league at drafting great players and keeping them. They have added small pieces via free agency and rarely make big splashes. They need to keep the money that would go to Asomugha and sign Haloti Ngata long-term. Ngata is a player that affects the interior line so much that he can play nose tackle or defensive end, and even lines up at linebacker on some packages.


Around the AFC West

I don't think the San Diego is going to get this deal done, but maybe the new CBA will help them.

Chargers stadium search week in review -
It seems that the state Legislature's move to fundamentally shift redevelopment funding Wednesday does jeopardize the $800 million project proposed in the East Village east of Petco Park and many others up and down the state, but what happens next is as up in the air as a 40-yard bomb. (Mandatory football metaphor, check.)

The players pushed to unrestricted status for the Chiefs is not going to make any other teams fall over themselves while rushing to scoop them away:

Proposed Free Agency Rules Will Affect The Kansas City Chiefs - Arrowhead Pride
Guys like QB Brodie Croyle, TE Leonard Pope, LB Corey Mays and C Rudy Niswanger, among others, would have been restricted free agents and available for a tender under the 2010 set of rules. Under the rules in Mort's report, these guys would be unrestricted free agents.

As you read the following know that Jason Hunter is doing well:

Police: Girlfriend hurled knife at Broncos' Jason Hunter -
Hunter told police the woman waved the knife and told him to stay back before throwing it "on accident" during the morning of April 27, according to the six-page report obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. The officers who wrote the report said the girlfriend was angry about having found a bag of cellphones, which Hunter claimed "were not his and belonged to his boy."

A dead giveaway that a dude wronged his women and lied about it is when you see a headline like that and the two letters "ex" aren't in it.

Also, why is Hunter's girlfriend so good at throwing knifes? Have you ever tried to throw a knife? It's not all that easy to get the point end to point at the right time.

Around the Lockout

This is a great article highlighting the absurdity of the league's public stance trying to always spin themselves in the right.

On local impact of NFL games, league can’t have it both ways | ProFootballTalk
Aiello forwarded to an article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution and, which concludes that "there will be little economic impact if there is no NFL action next season. . . . [P]eople will find other ways to spend their money."

The league says the lack of games won't hurt the local economies, but when it comes to asking taxpayers to foot the bills for portions of stadiums they cite the economic impact as their justification.

NFL Lockout: Tuesday Owners Meetings Producing Positive Reports -
ESPN's Chris Mortensen has quite a few details of the proposed CBA between the players and owners. The deal between the two sides isn't done yet so this isn't official but the two sides are progressing to a point where more people are asking when a deal will get done, not if.


NFL Lockout: 'Leaked' CBA Details Could Jeopardize Future Health of NFL - Silver And Black Pride
Details of the new proposed CBA could lead to serious infighting amongst the owners.