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NFL Free Agency: How the Proposed Free Agency Rules Affect the AFC West

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As the new CBA is getting close and coming into view the landscape of the rules of NFL free agency are coming into view. Yesterday we talked about the Raiders this is likely to switch from restricted to unrestricted free agents. The Raiders list is short on names, but big on impact. Let's take a look at how this could change the rosters of the rivals.

I'm not positive that all of the following players had been tendered to begin with, and I may have missed one that was, but I tried to get it as accurate as possible. Check it out after the jump....


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First to recap the silver and black:

Oakland Raiders

TE Zach Miller, RB Michael Bush, C Samson Satele

This is going to cost the Raiders. Both Miller and Bush are likely to command more on the open market than their tender would have been worth. I think it is going to price Bush right off the roster. Most of us think he will be back.

Kansas City Chiefs

QB Brodie Croyle, TE Leonard Pope, LB Corey Mays and C Rudy Niswanger

A bunch of backups! Damn Chiefs.

Denver Broncos

OT Ryan Harris, DT Marcus Thomas, DE Kevin Vickerson

Ryan Harris has struggled with injuries, but he once was one of the top RTs in the league. It will be interesting to see what kind of offers he receives.

San Diego Chargers

LB Antwan Barnes, OT Jeromey Clary, CB Donte Hughes, FS Paul Oliver, LB Brandon Siler, FS Eric Weddle, WR Malcolm Floyd

This is going to cost the Chargers some coin. Most of the guys on the list are backups and will be re-signed for what they were tendered originally. Except Eric Weddle and Malcolm Floyd. With the lack of FS talent available Eric Weddle is going to get a nice contract. Floyd should also draw a lot of interest.


I think it is a toss up who this hurts the most between the Raiders and the Chargers. I can't imagine Zach Miller or Michael Bush playing for any other team, and if the Raiders bring them back it is going to severly limit the cash they have to add any outside free agents.

I think they would be basically reduced to adding journeymen. The Chargers are now going to have a big choice to make with Weddle. It is almost the exact same choice the Raiders will have with Huff—only I think the Chargers really want Weddle back. They are now going to have to overpay to do it.

The Chargers are now faced with either signing Malcolm Floyd to a big contract or watching him leave. This is especially problematic since they don't have the Vincent Jackson situation resolved. They franchised Jackson, but Jackson will likely hold out again.

So, if they don't sign Floyd they could be faced with the prospect of starting the season without Jackson or Floyd playing. Maybe they'll just sign Floyd and let Jackson walk. I don't know—other than it will be interesting to watch, and expensive for the Chargers.