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Rolando McClain vs Eric Berry: Who Will Have the Better Career?

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ESPN is currently polling readers on their thoughts about the 2010 AFC West first-round draft class. They want to know which AFC West first-round rookie will go onto have the best career. Shockingly, given the amount of love he has received, Tim Tebow is not winning the poll.

The Chiefs Eric Berry is currently winning with 43 percent of the vote. Rolando McClain is second with 29 percent. The aforementioned Tebow is third with 16 percent. Ryan Matthews is fourth with 10 percent and Demaryius Thomas is a distant last with three percent.

For me, this is a two horse race between Berry and McClain. I am not a Tebow believer, and I am certainly not a Matthews or Thomas believer.

If I was being completely honest with myself I would vote for Berry. I am a little concerned that McClain will never make the jump to a pro bowl player, and I am really not all that sure he cares. For all the talk of McClain being a hard worker I don't see it.

I am not saying he is rolling into things with a JaWalrus level of preparation, but he doesn't strike me as a guy that is going to put in extra work to gain the extra inch. He carries a sense of entitlement about him. Hopefully, I am wrong about this, and I am not saying he is going to be a flop—I'm just not sure he will ever make a pro bowl.

Anyway go vote on the ESPN poll if you wish, and vote here. I am only putting up to options because I want to take the Tebow fanaticism out of this equation, as well as the lunacy by leaving of out Matthews or Thomas.