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NFL Lockout: Resolution Day Predictions

It's time to gauge Raider Nation's thought on the lockout. This is the fourth weekly installment of our resolution day poll. The first poll coincided with the beginning of the owners-NFLPA secret meetings. Since then the news has really been all positive, which is reflected in the results of our poll.

July has been turned into the overwhelming favorite. Last week it collected 71 percent of the vote. And even though we are a week closer to the end of July that is a trend I expect to continue.

The owners and players have not gotten together this week, but the owners met. And the news from that meeting is almost all positive. The proposed deals for the new CBA were even leaked and it appears as if the major sticking points have mostly been ironed out, and the owners appear to be on board.

There is always room for things to implode. So vote with caution, or just cast your vote recklessly because one thing has become crystal clear in this process is that the people negotiating could care less about what we think.