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NFL Lockout: Lockout Still Has 'Maybe Two Weeks to Go'

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Stop me if you've heard this one before: there is a report that the NFL lockout will be over in two weeks. Didn't we hear that two weeks ago. Tomorrow is forever tomorrow, and the lockout is forever two weeks from ending.

This time the report comes to us from an unnamed player via

One NFL player said the NFLPA told him progress is being made "but there's still maybe two weeks to go" before a settlement is likely. The main topic of discussion is the breakdown of total revenues.

The rest of the report is very similar to the terms that were leaked a couple of days. The one detail I hadn't seen mentioned was the length of the deal. They are reporting the new deal to run for six to 10 years. That is a pretty big discrepancy. I wonder which side wants which. I know what I want. I say make the deal infinite. No more work stoppages!