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More Raiders Coverage on SB Nation

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I am a little late on this, but James Arcellana has started covering the Raiders on SB Nation Bay Area.

It is definitely a needed silver and black presence on what was a more 49er slanted blog. So, welcome him to the Raider SB Nation Nation if you are so inclined, and check out his overview of the Raiders free agent situation. Click the link above to go directly to the article. Here is a snipet:

Within the four key free agents on the Raiders, it is highly likely that they will re-sign tight end Zach Miller and running back Michael Bush. Miller is clearly the Raiders best and most consistent receiving threat, and Bush is the only back on the Raiders roster who has proven that he can carry a full load should Darren McFadden get injured again this season. In addition, both Miller and Bush are Al Davis picks that he is very proud of. Because of this, I do not see Davis letting either one walk, even if it means over paying them (something that Davis clearly has no problem doing).