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Pirate Booty: Barksdale Preparing to be a Raider For Years, Players Winning the Lockout? And More

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Happy Friday! It's day 101 in the NFL lockout. Do you know where your kids are? It's an honest question as it is easy to lose track of inconsequential things in trying times like these. If things don't get settled soon players are going to miss out on checks, and owners won't collect all of their preseason revenue!

Let us try to forget the hardships of these poor people and focus on what we have: Pirate Booty. Check it....

Lamarr Houston aka Dr. Bad Ass

This was on the front page yesterday, but it is chock full of such great quotes I figured it was worthy of starting off the Booty with it.

Expert Says Oakland Raiders' Lamarr Houston 'can be the best defensive lineman in football' - Silver And Black Pride
Limitless future: "One of the best things about Houston is how good he can be. I think there is no ceiling for him. I think he can be one of, if not, the best defensive lineman in football."

Barksdale Has a Jump Start on Being a Raider

Joe Barksdale is going to get a pretty good taste of what Matt Williamson is raving about whenever practice starts.

Detroit native Joe Barksdale eager to play hometown Lions | Detroit Free Press |
Barksdale's father, Joseph Barksdale, always has been a huge fan of the Raiders and owner Al Davis, and he recorded most games last year. "I go home and watch them, kick the door in, take his chair," Barksdale said. "I don't know the names of the plays, but I'm able to pick up on the plays from looking at the games. I'll be ready."

I am a horribly skeptical person, and I don't believe he really DVR'd and watched Raider games. I don't have any problem with him saying this—I just don't believe it.

Raiders Grab Bag O' Booty

Nnamdi has yet to find his spot in the top 100 and I think they only have 20 left.

Top 100: Where will Nnamdi finish? - Inside the Oakland Raiders
Considering Seymour’s track record, his inclusion at No 66 seems a bit low. That’s well behind former teammate Vince Wilfork (No. 35), second-year player Ndamukong Suh (No. 51), and Miami end/linebacker Cameron Wake (No. 63) and Chiefs rush end Tamba Hali (No. 64).

Seymour is considerably older than all those players and all would probably be preferred in an open draft situation. But NFL players probably aren’t thinking that deeply. They’re simply putting down the first names that come to mind. And I’m surprised Seymour’s mind didn’t come to mind on more ballots than players with less of a pedigree.

I am with McDonald. I am surprised Seymour was that low. He seems very well respected around the league. It must be an age thing. What do you think?

Inverto Raiders kick some serious ass! Two championships in 5 days! Can you imagine a team winning Super Bowl five days after winning the Super Bowl? If that was the case, I don't think Barrett Robbins would be the only player to miss a Super Bowl due to chasing a donkey show.

SWARCO Raiders Win Austrian Bowl XXVII to Claim Historic Double
The SWARCO Raiders, Austrian sister team of The Oakland Raiders, recorded a new chapter in their team history. Despite bad weather conditions the Tyroleans won Austrian Bowl XXVII 23-13 (7-0; 6-6; 7-7; 3-0) against the Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna at Vienna’s Ernst-Happel stadium to win their second championship in five days.

They won Eurobowl XXV last Saturday against Berlin Adler. It was the SWARCO Raiders first Austrian Bowl title since 2006 and the third in team history. WR Talib Wise was named the game’s MVP. He rushed 20 times for 129 yards and scored all three Tyrolean touchdowns. Wise gained a total of 309 yards on the ground, through the air and on special teams.

Another main stream media type giving a half ass evaluation. I swear some of these guys—this time it's Adam Caplan—put in very little homework before doing these things.

Oakland Raiders offseason analysis - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
With starting center Samson Satele unsigned, the Raiders addressed his possible departure with second-round pick Stefen Wisniewski. If Satele doesn’t re-sign, the Raiders may have to consider signing another veteran to fill in for at least this season, since Wisniewski will have missed so much practice time leading up to training camp because of the lockout.

The right guard position remains open with starter Robert Gallery set to hit the free-agent market.


Raiders Roster Ramblings

Oakland Raiders Will Have Big Decisions to Make in Free Agency - SB Nation Bay Area
Within the four key free agents on the Raiders, it is highly likely that they will re-sign tight end Zach Miller and running back Michael Bush. Miller is clearly the Raiders best and most consistent receiving threat, and Bush is the only back on the Raiders roster who has proven that he can carry a full load should Darren McFadden get injured again this season. In addition, both Miller and Bush are Al Davis picks that he is very proud of. Because of this, I do not see Davis letting either one walk, even if it means over paying them (something that Davis clearly has no problem doing).

Can you guys see Nnam in Eagles green and white?

Twitter / @RossTuckerNFL: ESPN's Sal Pal on SiriusXM ...
ESPN's Sal Pal on SiriusXM: Eagles think "this is their year". Mentioned Nnamdi, Haynesworth, J. Babin, 2011 player for Kolb, etc

Speaking of Nnam, Roddy White ranked the corners. He had Revis 1 and Nnam 2. It's cool to get a receiver's perspective on this. news: Falcons WR White ranks the NFL's best corners

2. Nnamdi Asomugha, Raiders: "Nnamdi's the same way: He disrupts the timing. The only thing about Nnamdi, he's not as good of a ball-catcher as Revis. That's why I put Revis over him. He's not a ball-hawking guy, but you can't complete any balls over Nnamdi."

When it was pointed out that Asomugha always lines up to the quarterback's left, and that quarterbacks tend to pass to the right, it makes his job a little easier. "Yes, but the best receiver (usually) lines up on the left side, the X-receiver. I mean, any time the quarterback stands back, he's gonna read the (whole) field. Nobody puts their best corner on the other side."

Around the AFC West

San Diego Chargers

Reggie Bush to the Chargers? " Bolt Beat | A San Diego Chargers Blog
The Chargers already have a mini-Reggie Bush clone in Darren Sproles. Sproles also is electric in the open field. Sproles had the game winning touchdown on a swing pass against the Colts two seasons ago in the playoffs and did take up a huge chunk of the slack two seasons ago when Ladainian Tomlinson went down to injury. Sproles has proven himself worthy of his lightning bolts.

Denver Broncos

Arrest affidavit for Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox to be unsealed - The Denver Post
A Douglas County judge ruled Wednesday that the arrest affidavit in the sexual-assault case of Denver Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox will be made public.

Kansas City Chiefs

Arrowhead Pride - Kansas City Chiefs Schedule, News, Roster and Stats
Players aren't allowed to talk to the coaching staff during the NFL lockout but the Kansas City Chiefs and the league made an exception as a large group from the organization including players, coaching staff and front office employees made the trip down to Joplin to lend a hand in the tornado relief efforts.


Around the Lockout

This article is from a business publication, and based on this article, I'd say not a very good one.

NFL Lockout: The Players Won
So the player wanted 50 percent and will get 48 percent, and not the 39 percent proposed by the owners. The players wanted a 16-game schedule and will get to keep the 16-game schedule.

Isn't it more important to base the negotiation off of what the sides were getting and giving before the negotiations start. If I tell you to give me $10 for no reason, and you negotiate me down to $5 do you win?