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Raiders Bringing the Heat Up the Middle

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The Oakland Raiders pass rush was dominant in 2010. You pick a pass rush stat, and you are going to find the Raiders in the top three of that stat. What's really impressive about this, is other than the safety blitz (look out Philip Rivers!) the Raiders did it all with the four men lined up on the defensive line.

So, it should come as no surprise in Pro Football Focus' recent study of QB pressure generated from the interior of the defensive line that Richard Seymour and Tommy Kelly came out looking good. The ranked players based on this system:

Same format, same simple formula: we take sacks, hits, and hurries (with weighting toward sacks) divide it by the number of snaps spent rushing the passer, apply a multiplier to tidy it up and that all spits out the PRP.

4-3 defensive tackles and nose tackles and ends from 3-4 systems who played more than 200 pass rushing snaps qualified.

They also took a look at the numbers for the past three years. Seymour came in sixth and Tommy Kelly tenth. It appears as if they included Seymour's snaps in 2009 as a defensive end. It also appears they didn't count for the fact that Kelly sucked in '08 and '09. I guess he was still able to generate some pressure on the QB.

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