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Video: Top 12 Oakland Raiders Plays of 2010

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It is time for the Oakland Raiders video fix of the week. I already posted on the top 10 plays of 2010, but that was really more of a top 10 moments, and some of them featured more than one play. This is much more of just the 10 best highlight of the season.

It is fun to watch these, as it is easy to forget just how explosive this team can be. There is a highlight of Michael Bush on here, which fills me with a little worry since he may be leaving, but the five spectacular runs of Darren McFadden reminds me that the backfield will be in good hands.

Overall a nice job on these highlights, although I would have liked to have seen a few a more defensive highlights. Most notably missing is Tyvon Branch's fumble return to ice the first game against San Diego.

*HIGHLIGHTS* Oakland Raiders Top 12 of 2010 (via dragbike14)