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Pirate Booty: Raider News Week That Was June 19th-25th

Well here we are at the end of another Raiders news week. We are still without a new CBA, but the progress train seems to still be moving forward. So we got that going for us. In the meantime we have a bushel of Raider news that has accumulated like an epically long snail trail. You know, when you watch it, it doesn't seem like much is happening, but then you go away and come back and find you've been all over the place.

Check it out the highlights after the jump. And you can check out the full editions here in the booty archives.

June 20th

I have not entertained the thought for one second that Zach Miller wouldn't be back in the silver and black next year. I am not the only one:

Zach Miller Very Likely To Return To Raiders | Football News Now
Both Miller and the Raiders want to reach a deal. The two sides held contract talks before the NFL Lockout began, but weren’t able to come to terms. The team was confident enough a deal would be reached that they opted not to place the franchise tag on the tight end.

I already commented and linked to this article on the front page, but it's worthy of another link.

Oakland Raiders' Taiwan Jones takes unconventional journey to NFL - San Jose Mercury News
"I'll never get a player like him again," said Hansen, the running backs coach at Eastern Washington. "We usually don't get to touch players like Taiwan. They're going to USC and Washington."

June 21st

Michael Bush was rated as the third best third down back in all of football by football outsiders according to their DVOA statistic, which I would explain, but can't since I am not a physicist.

Higher Education: The best third-down running backs - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Michael Bush(notes), Oakland Raiders -- 32.8% DVOA (18 carries, 112 yards, 50% Success Rate) Bush and Darren McFadden(notes) comprised one of the league's best rushing attacks; that's why the Raiders ranked sixth overall in Rushing DYAR despite a passing attack that was well below average. It's unknown how a new coaching staff, many new offensive linemen, and a change in blocking scheme will change that; it has to be frustrating for Raiders fans that just as Oakland got an offensive philosophy together for the first time in years, everything's now up in the air.

I think they get a little carried away with the potential impact of the change. The offense will have the same play caller, and the only O-linemen that you can assume will be gone is Gallery, and any other change is theoretically for the better.

This article has nothing to do with football and everything to do with politics. It is an interesting article, and the merits of the ideas could be debated now and from the end of time, and this isn't a forum for political debates, but it's cool to read about the Al Davis philosophy transferring over.

The Al Davis Doctrine - Colin Dueck - National Review Online
Here lies the relevance of Al Davis. In warfare, the most important thing is not really the declared support of the Arab League, or the public-opinion polls, or the exhaustion of all other alternatives. Once warfare is initiated, the most important thing is to win. In the absence of winning, no other good outcomes or objectives are operative.

If Al Davis were involved with warfare I can see him being very similar to George Patton, or maybe even Col. Kuertz from Apocalypse Now.

June 22nd

ESPN rated the top ten assistant coaches in the NFL based on:

AFC West shut out in assistant coach top 10 - AFC West Blog - ESPN
We were looking for assistants who could soon be head coaches in the NFL. Coaches who have been interim head coaches were eligible; former full-time coaches, however, were not eligible.

Oakland Raiders defensive line coach Mike Waufle received some votes and he finished in 13th place. I ranked Waufle in 10th place. I really like the way Oakland’s defensive line developed under his guidance last season. To a man, his defensive linemen swear by Waufle. He’s definitely a coach to keep an eye on.

Mike Waufle is an awesome position coach. However, I don't think he belongs on this list because he doesn't want to be a head coach. He seems content being a D-line coach. That is a very rare and admirable quality.

Hue Jackson lives in a van down by the river (SNL reference for those of you who aren't into the finer arts).

Raiders Head Coach Doing Motivational Speaking During Lockout | Football News Now
Jackson will be the featured speaker at the Fresno Advertising Federation Foundation’s Focus breakfast at TorNino’s in Fresno on Thursday, July 7. Jackson will deliver a motivational speech on "Building a Winner" and teach those in the audience how to adapt that philosophy in their own lives.

Raiders Are Eurobowl Champs!

No, they didn't play on Tuesday. I just forgot about this. It sounds like it was an amazing battle. Just check out the recap:

SWARCO Raiders triumphieren in Eurobowl XXV gegen Berlin - Yahoo! Eurosport
Eurobowl XXV: SWARCO Raiders vs. Berlin Adler 27:12

An der eigenen 25-Yard Linie beginnend, brachte ein Pass von Toon ein First Down für Berlin an deren 45-Yard Linie. Dann fing Naranjo Gonzales einen 12-Yarder. Eine Strafe gegen die Hausherren brachte den Ball an die 29-Yard Linie. Die Adler gelangten bis an die 21-Yard Linie. Doch anstatt es mit einem Field Goal zu versuchen, gingen die Berliner auf Risiko. Ein Pass von Toon in die Endzone wurde von Krause abgefangen.

June 23rd

Raiders Grab Bag O' Booty

Apparently the inverto Raiders are in two championship games. I have no idea how this works, but I do know it would be pretty damn sweet to celebrate two championships in a week.

SWARCO Raiders Play in Austrian Bowl Against Vienna
"We didn’t have much time to celebrate. And we didn’t have much time to prepare either," said SWARCO Raiders head coach Shuan Fatah. "Vienna will be absolutely motivated. They play in legendary Ernst-Happel stadium and they want revenge for the loss in the Eurobowl semifinal. We have tob e ready for anything. This will be the toughest challenge we have faced all season long."

SOB gave us a great look at how key time of possession was to the 2010 Raiders:

Raiders magic number - Silver And Black Pride

June 24th

Lamarr Houston aka Dr. Bad Ass

This was on the front page yesterday, but it is chock full of such great quotes I figured it was worthy of starting off the Booty with it.

Expert Says Oakland Raiders' Lamarr Houston 'can be the best defensive lineman in football' - Silver And Black Pride
Limitless future: "One of the best things about Houston is how good he can be. I think there is no ceiling for him. I think he can be one of, if not, the best defensive lineman in football."

Barksdale Has a Jump Start on Being a Raider

Joe Barksdale is going to get a pretty good taste of what Matt Williamson is raving about whenever practice starts.

Detroit native Joe Barksdale eager to play hometown Lions | Detroit Free Press |
Barksdale's father, Joseph Barksdale, always has been a huge fan of the Raiders and owner Al Davis, and he recorded most games last year. "I go home and watch them, kick the door in, take his chair," Barksdale said. "I don't know the names of the plays, but I'm able to pick up on the plays from looking at the games. I'll be ready."

I am a horribly skeptical person, and I don't believe he really DVR'd and watched Raider games. I don't have any problem with him saying this—I just don't believe it.

June 25th

Raiders Salary Cap Issues

John Clayton took a look at the teams in the best and worst shape with the return of the salary cap:

NFL: Teams most hurt, helped by salary-cap proposal - ESPN
These teams will be most helped and hurt by a proposed change in the NFL salary cap and floor, John Clayton writes.

The Raiders are among the teams he mentioned as being in the worst shape. I talked more about what his numbers mean:

Oakland Raiders Free Agency: Will the Raiders Be Able to Sign Any Free Agents? - Silver And Black Pride
So let's just assume that the cap is at $120 million and the Raiders don't have to count the dead money. That leaves the Raiders with almost $15 million in cap room, and still having to sign all their rookies and guys like Miller and Bush.

Bill Williamson commented as well:

Raiders could be in bad salary-cap spot - AFC West Blog - ESPN
The Raiders knew they were taking a risk extending the players they did prior to the lockout. But teams can’t keep everyone and the Raiders made their decisions on their priority free agents. So, as a result, the Raiders’ offseason movement period may be complete for the most part because of the possible salary-cap realities.

The good news is that when free agency does hit it is going to be a bigger than usual class. With the limitations on last year's class making a number of guys restricted free agents, and had them signing one year contracts, there will be plenty of players on the market. So:

Big free-agency class will create a buyer’s market | ProFootballTalk
And so, to a certain extent, a game of musical chairs will be played, with only so many players getting huge money, with plenty of players getting good money, and with a decent number forced to take whatever they can get, once teams have met their needs.

The Raiders should be able to find some veteran players near the minimum. Of course, in light of this, it makes the re-signings of Daniel Loper and Hiram Eugene seem a little unnecessary.

Hue Speaks

Yesterday was also highlighted by the mouthpiece of Mr. Action Jackson. You can listen to the interview here:

Coach Jackson with Murph and Mac