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Pirate Booty: Denarius Moore Was a Steal, Nnam is Top 20, More Good Lockout News, and More

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Yo, yo, yo it's Monday, and one way or another we are one day closer to football. The cool thing is, when it does get here, it is going to be a grand football ejaculation across the once NFL barren skies (yes, I am that hard-up for football).

There is not a lot of Raider news coming out of the weekend, but there was a bunch on Saturday. So, if today doesn't give you your fix, check out Saturday's Booty. Jump over for today's goodies....

Nnamdi is Go(o)d

Nnamdi is by far the highest Raider on the NFL's top 100 list. Jerry McDonald does a good job of reducing his importance to the team.

Nnamdi checks in at No. 18 - Inside the Oakland Raiders
I’ve made this point before, but I’ll do it again now. For all of Asomugha’s excellence, how much did it really help the Raiders’ bottom line? Play man-to-man defense as much as the Raiders, and he’s essentially covering 20 percent of the eligible receivers, giving the quarterback 80 percent of the field to work with. So let’s have none of the "Nnamdi takes away half the field" nonsense that seems to arise regularly.

McDonald makes a good point. However, Nnam's value to this team will end up being directly related to the quality of his replacements. If the Raiders have two solid starting corners then they won't miss the Asomone horribly.

Truth be told, the level of the Raiders pass defense didn't noticeably drop off when Nnam has been off the field in the past two years.

Nnamdi Asomugha is Rated 18th Best Player By His Peers - Silver And Black Pride

Raiders Grab Bag O' Booty

It's funny how everyone can agree a certain player is a steal in a draft. How does that happen? If everyone knows the guy is a steal, how does he keep falling?

Raiders Got A Steal With Denarius Moore | Football News Now
The rookie wide receiver out of Tennessee was highly respected coming into the draft and his slide was somewhat puzzling. Not a mystery, however, was the Raiders decision to once again draft speed.

Another take on the recent interview with Hue Jackson:

Hue Jackson thinks Branch, Shaughnessy will have breakout seasons - NFL - Sporting News
A year ago, Branch produced 104 tackles, four sacks, one forced fumble and one interception in his second year as a full-time starter in Oakland. Branch has proved himself to be a force against the run but still needs to polish his game against the pass. Jackson says Branch is an underrated player who deserves recognition for his relentless style.

Hue is also answering questions:

Hue Jackson is Putting in the Effort to Bond with Raider Nation - Silver And Black Pride
Hue Jackson is the Dear Abby of the Oakland Raiders. I guess we can consider this the one bright spot of the lockout because not only are the Raiders asking their coaches to sell season tickets, but Hue Jackson is answering fans' questions once a week. Maybe Hue would be doing this anyway. He does seem committed to building a bond with the fans.

You can send your questions here: You can check out this week's answer's on

Raiders Roster Ramblings

I really can't see Nnam in Detroit:

Money, not age, should be concern for Lions trying to sign Nnamdi Asomugha " SideLion Report | A Detroit Lions Blog
In my perspective, I think the Lions should look at Nnamdi Asomugha because he would fill a huge need in the secondary that would make an impact right away, but they should look at him to an extent. I would not throw a ridiculous amount of money at him like most teams will most likely do. If I were the Lions I would keep my limits and not break the bank on throwing him an offer, especially with a team that is full of young players that will need extensions sooner than later.

I am certainly not expecting Ochocinco to be a Raider in 2011, but I am not ruling it out either.

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
*The future of Chad Ochocinco remains very much up in the air. I hear the Bengals are keeping all options open with him, meaning he could remain with the team, he could be traded or he could even be cut. Some of it has nothing to do with Ochocinco. If rookie A.J. Green looks like he’s ready to play, and second year man Jordan Shipley looks like he’s ready to keep up, the Bengals will have little motivation to continue to put up with the flashy veteran. In that case, they likely would test the market and look to have their young receivers grow with their young quarterback Andy Dalton.

There is a chance Ochocinco may be cut, and let's face it, if the Bengals can't trade him and he doesn't want to be there, he can certainly make it in there best interest to let him go. At that point, he will probably be relatively cheap on the open market.

Around the AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs

I hope Vrabel doesn't return to the Chiefs because I think they may need him

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
If Vrabel does play, it’s difficult to imagine him playing anywhere other than in Kansas City or New England. Scouts say there is no question Vrabel has lost quite a bit. He is no longer capable of playing a lot of snaps. But to those who know him well, Vrabel has great value as a leader and mentor.

The Chiefs schedule looks harder in 2010, and Todd Haley doesn't necessarily seem like a player's coach. If things start heading south for the Chiefs he could lose that team in a hurry. They don't have a wealth of veteran leaders on that club.

San Diego Chargers

Rivers is still flappin' his gums: news: Chargers QB Rivers says layoff could revitalize NFL players
"The level of play is going to be the best it's ever been," Rivers told The San Diego Union Tribune this week. "Guys are going to be fresh -- mentally fresh, which is maybe more important than being physically fresh. "For some guys, it all runs together. Now, with it being how it's been, guys doing their different things, if it gets done like we hope, it's going to be kind of like that lost toy you found.

Denver Broncos

Why in the world would anyone hire this guy as their video coordinator? news: Controversial ex-Broncos aide Scarnecchia hired by Syracuse
Former Denver Broncos videographer Steve Scarnecchia, who illegally taped a six-minute portion of the San Francisco 49ers' Oct. 30 practice in London, has been hired by Syracuse University to take over video operations, the school announced Friday.

Surely you could find someone, anyone else capable of doing the job. And that person is not going to bring any scrutiny to your program.

Around the Lockout

This is a good look at four different timetables for an end to the lockout. Below is the scenario they rated as most likely:

Four scenarios for when the lockout is going to end - NFL - Football
The sides reach agreement in July. Every indicator points to this. Why? There is sincere dedication from owners and players to keep talking. Smith now trusts Roger Goodell (they appeared together at a joint news conference recently) and vice versa.

Chance this theory is accurate: 65 percent.

Check out this below article. Domonique Foxworth brings a unique perspective, and he is a fantastic writer.

Domonique Foxworth fills in for Peter King's Monday Morning QB - NFL -
There is adage that says, "Wise men don't argue with fools, because people from a distance can't tell the difference." Unfortunately, it often appears from afar that the NFL labor discussions are nothing more than an argument between fools, or a greed-driven errand more akin to a game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos, whose only end is who has the most marbles. Speaking from the perspective of the players, however, we are fighting for things you're more likely to find in a game of LIFE: a safer practice regimen, better pensions for former players, long-term health insurance and more time and support in the pursuit of higher education and post-football careers.

A Bills' player is optimistic. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad sign. news: Bills player rep Wilson 'definitely optimistic' about labor talks
We're definitely optimistic we're moving in the right direction," Wilson, the Bills' player representative, told The Associated Press on Saturday. "Right now, we feel like we're having meaningful discussions. ... We feel we have the right people in the room, discussing the right things, and both sides want to get a deal done. But even though we're moving in the right direction, we're not there yet."