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Oakland Raiders' Michael Bush May Be Restricted Free Agent

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Raider Nation received possibly tremendous news when reports filtered out the Oakland's Michael Bush might be a restricted free agent instead of an unrestricted free agent. It is important to say that none of this is official, and it can't be since there is no CBA. Adam Caplan of Fox Sports said on Twitter:

Bush spent his rookie season on NFI. I believe that means he doesn't get credit for the 2007 season, thus 3 seasons not 4.

That would mean Bush does not yet qualify for unrestricted status. This is apparently a belief Caplan has maintained for a while. This comes to us via NBC Sports:

Caplan has been saying this since February, pointing to Bush's rookie season, which was spent on the non-football injury list. That season is not expected to count toward Bush's "accrued" years, leaving him with just three. In that case, Bush's first- and third-round restricted tender would stick, and the Raiders would have no trouble retaining his services. Even if Bush is unrestricted, he seems very likely to spend 2011 in Oakland.

Raider Fan15 posted this news in the fanshots earlier and James posted this on SB Bay Area:

Oakland Raiders Might Get Lucky with Michael Bush - SB Nation Bay Area
However, this morning, Adam Caplan theorized that Michael Bush actually might not be an unrestricted free agent after all. Bush spent his rookie season with the Raiders on the non-football injury list (NFI) and as a result did not see the field for the entire year. Caplan believes that because he was put on the NFI, that he may not be able to claim service for that year, meaning he has only three years credit in the league as opposed to four.