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Trying Not to Freak Out About the Raiders Free Agent Situation

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I am back acting as XFINITY Pitchman. So read this with your internal volume cranked up to Billy Mays (RIP) levels as we Oxiclean the hell out of this sponsored post about free agency. After all, it's not just agency; it's free agency.

This is actually a decent time for this forum since we have been spending plenty of time talking about free agency lately. We had the Michael Bush saga come full circle yesterday.

I've been blowing the trumpet that a new CBA being reached was going to lead to Michael Bush going from a restricted free agent to a restricted free agent. And that in turn was going to lead to the departure of Michael Bush.

Well, it turns out that he may not be an unrestricted free agent after all. Great success, but that does little do help the reason I feared he was leaving in the first place: the Raiders have no cap room. In fact, if their "dead" money counts they will be over the cap. Maybe as much as $15 million, depending on what the cap is set at etc.. Jump over for the exciting conclusion....


I am not going to lie. The thought of the Raiders already being over the cap is giving me the fear.

The Raiders still have to sign their rookies. They still have holes on the roster. They have the Michael Bush situation, and then even more worrisome is the fact that Zach Miller is likely to be an unrestricted free agent. And we haven't even brought up Nnamdi.

How are they going to sign these guys, and fill the holes in the roster?

Let's just go over the list. The Raiders need another QB, a tight end (hopefully Miller), two offensive linemen and an offensive linemen, and I'm not talking about improving the team; I am just talking about filling out the roster. Where is this money going to come from? This could lead to the Raiders throwing in a lot of first and second year players in holes they may not be ready for.

I'm trying not to get too worked up about this. I need to have faith that the Raiders had a contingency plan for this when they went on their pre-lockout spending spree. That they have contract moves in mind that will free up cap space. Al works in mysterious ways, and those mysterious ways have become wildly successful over the last year.

In Al I trust. ...and I am also hoping brhynno will post a comment to cheer me up. He is the foil to my free agency doom scenarios.


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