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NFL Free Agency: Fifth and Sixth Year Player's Free Agent Status Still Up in the Air

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I've spent a lot of time blabbing about NFL free agency lately. Admittedly, it is all based on speculation, since there are no rules in place governing anything. The changing tide of the NFL lockout negotiations can make all the speculation seem silly and futile. Case in point, a recent report by FOX Sports' Jay Glazer.

Glazer is reporting hearing from sources that the owners are pushing hard to allow franchises to designate up to three fifth and six year players with a right of first refusal status. The players are and will likely continue to fight this. So who know what we will end up with, but it is certainly far from a lock that the 2009 rules governing free agency will be back.

While this ruling would provide the Raiders protection from losing Michael Bush and Zach Miller, it does little to benefit them. Right of first refusal would simply mean that if the Raiders match an offer for the player that player would have to stay in Oakland.

I don't thing many Raider fans are worried that Bush or Miller will leave if the Raiders offer is equal to all of other offers. The best hope here is still that Bush will be ruled to only having three years of service. This will keep his price down.

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