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Man, I Miss My Raider Family!

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You know how it is when time goes by and you feel like something is missing a little bit more than just on the surface?

That's how I feel about my Raider family right now.

When you spend years of your life going through ups and downs, having deep discussions and feasting with a group of like-minded individuals only to see the source of the gatherings and conversations come to a grinding halt like a slow killing axe wedge, it takes some time to sink in and now it has sunk in. I freaking miss you guys!

I've been traveling and focusing on building out our sports bar blog and I've grilled with the Gang a couple of times, but,  I need some good Raider Talk. What's up guys?

Are we screwed because of the proposed cap? Will there be a stadium fund? How healthy is Mr. Davis?

I can tell you that I had a chance to meet Sanjay Lal recently and I was completely impressed. I will be the first to say that I have been a dumbass who passed judgment on Sanjay because he wasn't Freddi B. I can tell you 100% that he is exactly what we need for this young group of receivers and that he is a great football mind.

Sanjay explained to me about how he was an NFL hopeful because of his knowledge, route running and precise execution more than his 40 time. He also let me know that he is focused on sharing this with his young talent and that they are listening, especially Darius. He showed me a couple of coaching tips and I could tell that with the precision with which he explained the process of turning your hips to avoid a defender and secure the ball that Sanjay is responsible for the improvements that we've seen in Darius. We all agree that he has a case of the drops, but, if you break down his route running and body positioning, you can see that he could be good once the game slows down for him and all has has to do is catch the ball

From our conversation, I would rule out that we will be adding a wide receiver. The entire offensive staff likes our current group. And, yes, it is confirmed that Jacoby Ford was an Al Davis pick and they are extremely high on David Ausberry.

What have you been up to? What's up Nation?