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Video: Raiders' Secondary is a Primary Source of Dominance

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The other Raider videos I have watched this offseason have left me excited and jacked for Raider football. But that leaves me frustrated beyond words about the state of the lockout. Well, this time I have come to the video in a reverse order. With the latest news in the lockouts requiring I pay at least a little attention I was already frustrated. So, I hit youtube to see why I cared about the nonsense in the first place. 

My video of the day today focuses on the dominant history of the Raiders secondary. And this fills me with hope for many reasons. While the silver and black may (hopefully not) be on the verge of losing Nnamdi someone else will come along to pick up the tradition of excellence (I am betting on DVD). It's what the Raiders do.

Oakland Raider Have The Best Secondary Of All Time (via laraider232)

I love Tatum's quote about thinking the helmet was the ball. While he thought the helmet was the ball I think most people that watch his Super Bowl crush wonder if there was a head still in that helmet.