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What is the Raiders Worst Moment Since 1987?

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Unfortunately for Raider fans, this is not an easy question to answer. There are just too many choices. It is also a topic I would normally avoid talking about, and one I certainly try not to think about. But since someone else is bringing, and voting for it, I thought we might as well take some control of the dark and immediate future.

Pro Football Talk has been killing lockout time by looking at each franchises worst moments since the NFL's last stoppage. The Raiders are up for Monday, and that means today is our day to influence what they come up with. ProFootballTalk:

Before turning to the guest lines, we’ll continue our "worst moments since the last work stoppage" series, with the Raiders taking center stage. So feel free, Raiders fans and Raiders haters, to identify in the comments some of the darkest days for the silver and black since 1987.

The obvious one is the tuck rule, right? I still shudder in horror every time the refs go into their replay booths for a "review." Of course there are other high profile moments like Barrett Robbins love for donkeys and Mexico, the ensuing debacle against the Bucs, drafting JaBustus, Tony Siragusa sitting on Rich Gannon's arm in the AFC Championship game, the 51-3 debacle at the hands of the Bills in the 1990 Championship game...ugh I can barely go on.

And that list hasn't even touched my personal worst Raiders moment: Bo Jackson's injury. Bo was my childhood idol. I had all of his sports cards and posters. I read Bo Knows Bo with Dick Schaap. I did endless chores until my parents agreed to buy me his shoes. I watched him every chance I got, and I loved every second of it, and I still hate the moment that got taken away.