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Worst Raider Moments Finale

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We knew this was coming. Pro Football Talk's highlights the Raiders' worst moments since the last work stoppage in 1987. This is not a case of Raider bashing—they are doing it for every team. Also, the host of Pro Football Talk is on board with the Raiders chances of being a playoff contender in 2011. Check out the video below, or jump over for a written recap.


The list is the top four, but there are honorable mentions thrown in as well. I will post their list with some of my thoughts:

Honorable Mention:

2000 AFC Championship Game: Siragusa Sits on Rich Gannon

Florio points out how close the Raiders were to making three straight Super Bowls. The Goose sitting on Gannon is a big factor of why they only made one. I get a little upset every time I see Siragusa's fat face on TV. Of course, he is a far more likeable personality than Rich Gannon, but I don't let that get in the way of mental venom.

1990 AFC Championship Game: 51-3 loss to the Bills

What a total disaster. The Raiders handled the no huddle offense as bad as any team ever.

Bo Jackson's injury

As I mentioned before this is one my "worst moment." Some of my best childhood sports memories are of watching Bo Jackson.

1991 Wild Card: Marinovich's 4 INT performance

I had forgotten all about this one, but yeah, that was putrid.

1993 season finale against the Joe Montana and the Chiefs

This game was for the playoffs, and the Chiefs prevailed 19-9. It was the last game played as the Los Angeles Raiders.

Romanowski punches Marcus Williams

It is never good to end your own teammates career. What could've got into Romanowski? Well, I have a pretty good idea.

Cable Vs. Hanson

This was entirely too much drama, and a sign of the temper problems that undoubtedly have led numerous accusations following Cable.

Alright, onto the worst of the worst:

4. Randy Moss

I had completely forgot about the Moss years yesterday when discussing the worst moments. And it is a definite absolute worst for me. I couldn't stand Randy Moss when the Raiders got him, and I hated him by the time he left. Nothing he has done has changed my opinion.

I have no respect for athletes that don't play hard. Moss is the epitome of this. He is self-serving and a waste of an amazing talent. I don't care that he went onto break records. I was glad the day he was no longer a Raider.

3. JaMarcus Russell

Ding Dong the bust is gone!

2. Super Bowl XXXVII

Talking about this game makes me feel sick to my stomach. I wonder how it makes Bill Callahan and Barrett Robbins feel?

1. Tuck Rule

At some point, sometime, karma has to even this out, right? Have you ever talked to anyone, anywhere (outside of Boston) that feels the Raiders did not get screwed on that call?