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It's Officially Coliseum for the Oakland Raiders and A's

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The Oakland Alameda County Coliseum was officially persuaded to change its name for a wad of cash handed over by At the time it was speculated that the was contemplating a name change to simply Well, according to the Domain Industry News Magazine that name change is now official. And I feel confident in saying that change is welcomed by almost all Raiders fans. I mean as bad ass as Coliseum sounds I will take Coliseum any day.

If Hue Jackson has his way than the name will be even simpler than that. Jackson had this to say in an interview on Cover 2 recently:

We going to call that bad boy the 'O' and we are going to make that place rock.

To be honest I almost prefer the It is more unique, but I could go either way on that one. The 'O' isn't too bad. In the end, as long as the Raiders build the bully Hue Jackson has been talking about than the mere mentioning of either name will strike pants soaking fear into the souls of overmatched opponents.

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