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NFL Lockout: Owners and Players Try More of This Negotiating Thing

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Last week things took a crazy twist in the NFL Lockout saga. The owners and the players actually sat down to negotiate! Well (I hope you are sitting down) they are negotiating again this week! These guys must be exhausted from all this negotiating. 

According to Albert Breer of the two sides met again today, and plan to continue the talks this week. The meetings this week seem to be similar to the ones last week in that they did not alert the press.This comes to us via Albert Brandt's Twitter account:

The secret-non-mediated-unknown location settlement negotiations between the NFL Owners and NFL Players have resumed. Hope floats.

I don't know if they are getting closer to a deal or not, but after a year or so of talk about the lack of a CBA for this season, and precious few negotiating sessions to go with that talk, I will take the two sides getting together at this now break neck pace as a positive sign. If nothing else it shows the two sides realize they aren't going to reach an agreement by not talking.