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Pirate Booty: Raiders Have July Workout Planned, Interest in Alex Smith? Eagles Not High on Nnam, and More

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I love the smell of negotiations in the morning. It smells Or something closer to football than we were before they were negotiating anyway. The aforementioned negotiations are the big news in the football world, but we also have some Raider tidbits floating around in the cybers of space.

Louis Murphy is talking workouts, Nnam may not be Eagle bound, Alex Smith may try to be lured across the bridge, and Jerry Porter has already been lured over the border. Check out all that and more after the jump, and get your Hump Day off to a footballiscious great start....


Raiders Grab Bag O' Booty

Louis Murphy is tweeting about potential team July workouts. It is a vague comment. So take it for what it is worth, and hope no one has to worry about it.

Louis Murphy Says Oakland Raiders Should Have Another Team Workout in July - SB Nation Bay Area
Now, with the lockout still showing no real signs of ending anytime soon, it appears as though the Raiders may already have another camp scheduled for sometime in July. In response to a question from a fan on twitter about whether the Raiders had any other team workouts planned, Raiders wide receiver Louis Murphy tweeted "should be 1 coming up in July".

Jerry Porter really stained his legacy when he left the Raiders. He seemed just like another prima dona wide receiver. He may have matured some sense then:

Porter gets 'cultural experience' at Alouettes' camp
"I’ll probably end up paying to come here," the engaging Porter, a native of Washington, said following Tuesday’s workouts. "It’ll be a cultural experience to play on the best team. From what I hear, they’re like the New England Patriots. They win, and people hate them. And they expect to win."

I will never complain about a guy hanging onto the game too long. I like seeing athletes until no one wants them anymore because they love the game. I hope Porter has a healthy season.

The Raiders website takes a look back at one of the Raiders more stirring comeback victories. They trailed 17-0 at halftime:

Raiders Capture Northwest Passage with 23-20 Win over Seattle -
The Seahawks won the coin toss and received the kickoff in the overtime period. On a third-and-one from the Seattle 43, Lott and S Eddie Anderson stuffed the ball carrier for no gain and forced the punt.

On second-and-seven from the 12, Kemp looked right and passed to Blades, but Lott was there to make the interception. It was Raiders ball on the Seahawks 19.

Lott had sensed the play coming, cut in front of Blades, and made the play. "One of the best all-time regular season wins I’ve ever been a part of," said Lott. "It was a great comeback – one of the best ever. Everyone really pulled together."

The Raiders used solid safety play to ice that game in OT. And it was not off of safety blitzes either. Eddie Anderson and Ronnie Lott made plays in the flow of the game. Maybe that will happen again for the Raiders sometime.

Raider Roster Ramblings

Do the Raiders have interest in Alex Smith?
We hear that Raiders owner Al Davis apparently looked into the availability of free-agent QB Alex Smith, who all of the sudden looks like a lock to remain the starting QB in San Francisco.

I am not a fan of the we hear comment. At least say league sources or something. I hear all kinds of crazy shit during the course of the day. Anyway, this report was the link and basis for this next one:

Raiders Owner Looked Into Adding QB Alex Smith | Football News Now
For those who thought the Oakland Raiders firing coach Tom Cable and then not drafting a quarterback meant an end to the quarterback carousel for Jason Campbell, think again.

The Raiders need another QB on the roster. I am sure they are showing interest in most free agents. Alex Smith would be an Al Davis signing because he was a former first-round pick, but not in because he doesn't have the big arm that Davis loves. Also, if the Raiders do have interest in Smith wouldn't it make as much sense to think it was as a backup reclamation type of QB?

Maybe Nnam isn't as coveted by the NFC East teams as many have said. Yesterday, we had a report about the difficulties the Cowboys would have in signing Nnam, and today there is a report that he may not be the best fit for the Eagles:

Asomugha not high on Eagles' wish list -
But don't expect the Eagles to join the charge. I don't. And neither do others who are close to the organization. They tell me there is an indifference toward Asomughha, mostly because he will cost a fortune but partly because he's a press cornerback who plays only the right-cornerback position. I know, I know, the Eagles need another cornerback like L.A. needs Sig-Alerts, and they could especially use one at the right-cornerback spot. But I've heard too many people say the Eagles aren't all that jacked up about Asomugha not to pay attention.

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Judging Joe Barksdale's starting chances.

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Around the AFC West

San Diego Chargers

This report outlines some of the obstacle faced by the Chargers in getting a new stadium.

Report on NFL stadium debt doesn't bode well for Chargers' plans
Ed Shaw, who identified himself as a former AECOM employee, said Qualcomm Stadium is averaging a $10 million annual deficit for the city of San Diego. Jim Barwick, director the city's Real Estate Assets Department, said most of the deficit stems from a $5.8 million annual debt service payment that will continue through 2024.

The annual debt is not that much more than a usual stadium. The article also talks about the options planners are trying to come up with to limit the operating debt with a new stadium.

Denver Broncos news: Real world: Broncos' Lloyd building resume during lockout
Lloyd told the newspaper he has been writing lyrics since his teens, and he estimated he has recorded at least 150 songs in the past eight years. His finished songs can be found online at as he tries to get them placed on video games and television shows. His song "Heavy" landed on the Spike TV show "Blue Mountain State."

I have emailed Brandon Lloyd just to tell him how awesome his music is, and that it is the future of music. I have never listened to his songs or anything. I am just hoping he will give up football to pursue music.

Kansas City Chiefs

KC Joyner thinks Matt Cassel's inability to throw long will doom the Chiefs:

NFL: Why Kansas City Chiefs could miss playoffs in 2011 - ESPN
To look at this another way, Cassel has been a starter in the league for three seasons and hasn't cracked the top 20 in vertical passing a single time. This would be an issue for any team trying to stretch a defense, but it's doubly troubling for Kansas City because of the team's reliance on its running game and the composition of its 2011 schedule. The Chiefs' schedule this year includes games against San Diego (twice), Indianapolis, New England, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Green Bay. Five of those contests are against quarterbacks that placed in the top 10 in stretch vertical YPA in 2010, and six are against passers who ranked in the top six in overall YPA.


Around the Lockout

In case you missed it, the owners and players are negotiating.

NFL Lockout: Owners and Players Try More of This Negotiating Thing - Silver And Black Pride
More negotiations...already?!

And they are doing it without lawyers

Lawyers remain on the bench during negotiations | ProFootballTalk
As long as the parties can keep the lawyers out, there’s cause for real optimism. Kraft said earlier this year that, if the lawyers were pushed away from the table, a deal could be reached in a week.

which everyone takes as a good sign. Even other lawyers!

Niners Nation - For San Francisco 49ers Fans
It seems like one of the biggest reasons for optimism for both sides has been the removal of lawyers from the equationin these owners vs. players discussions. Both sides lawyered up heading into court but now the lawyers are on the sidelines for the settlement negotiations. As a newly minted lawyer, all this discussion about the problems with lawyers reminds me of this scene from Seinfeld ("Next thing you know, you're saying they should have their own schools").

Whenever this little lockout thing is resolved college football will be ready to make way for the king:

The Associated Press: Wary of NFL lockout, BCS selects bowl dates
"We made a careful decision to choose dates that will ensure a primetime showcase for our student-athletes while also being mindful of the potential for change in the NFL's schedule," he said. "At this point in time, we want to create certainty in a somewhat uncertain environment."