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Projecting the Raiders Offensive Line

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Last night I received an email from a writer who was trying to put together an article projecting the average age of starting offensive lines for 2011, and he asked me who I thought would be the starters on the Raiders O-line. To assist with the unknown of the yet to happen free agency period he said to assume the team would re-sign all their free agents. Well, that really didn't help me.

Robert Gallery is not the typical free agent. He came out and said he would not be re-signing with the team. Langston Walker isn't either. He is rumored to be considering retiring. And while Samson Satele doesn't have those obstacles to return Hue Jackson has already said Stefen Wisniewski is the starter.

In the end, there were two of the five offensive linemen I felt confident as projecting as starters: LT, Jared Veldheer and C, Stefen Wisniewski.

I then projected, with no confidence, Daniel Loper at LG and Cooper Carlisle at RG. However, I can see Samson Satele and Bruce Campbell being the opening week starters there or an outside free agent. I went with Loper and Carlisle because, with the very real possibility that there will be a shortened preseason, I felt the experienced veterans had the odds in their favor.

And then we have the right tackle position. Given his suggestion that the Raiders re-sign their free agents, and taking into consideration that Langston Walker may retire, I had to say it would be Mario Henderson. Although, this projection is even murkier outside of his parameters. I am not confident Henderson will be back. I also think Bruce Campbell and Joe Barksdale will be given every opportunity to win the job. And, more than anything, I am holding out hope the Raiders sign an outside free agent for RT.

Anyway, given the parameters I was given it was nearly impossible to speculate. Given whatever parameters you want to use, who do you think will be starting on the Raiders O-line in 2011 Week 1 (whenever that happens)?