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Former Raider Receiver Jerry Porter Tears Achilles in Alouettes Camp

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So, this is what it the NFL lockout has reduced me to: reporting injuries from the training camp of the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. Please, oh please, get that CBA in place. This report is not as much about the team or leagues, however, but about the player.

In Tuesday's edition of Pirate Booty I had just linked to a story about former Raider receiver Jerry Porter going to camp with the hopes of playing for the Montreal Alouettes. I was proud of of Porter. He had some obvious maturity issues while in Oakland, and I thought it was great that he was attempting to play in the CFL for the love of the game and competing. At that point I wished him good health for the season.

Well apparently my wishes don't get much in this world because today the news came out of Alouettes camp that Jerry Porter has torn his Achilles tendon. He is certainly done for the year, and probably his career.