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NFL Lockout: Back and Forth Sessions May Have Ended on a Good Note

The NFL lockout is currently in its most intense negotiations of the process. They were at it until after midnight on Thursday, and after hitting a rough patch it appears things got going in the right direction.

It appears as if the the talks hit a snag midday Thursday. Entering today it seemed that the players and owners had agreed on the players receiving 48 percent of the profits. Player sources told ESPN that the owners went backward on that by "asking for $400 million to $500 million in expenses as credit off the top."

Sources from the owners do not seem to deny that, simply saying, "it's a negotiation, which is always subject to change."

There is some hope that the talks got back on track as the day wore into night. The Washington Post heard from people familiar with the situation that:

It did not appear late Thursday that an agreement was likely to be completed Friday. But the late-night negotiations seemed to put the league and players back within striking distance of completing a prospective deal by the end of next week.

There has also been reports that the two sides will meet tomorrow at 8 a.m. their time. The fact that they stayed past midnight and are starting early tomorrow would certainly make it appear as if they are making some headway. Now let's just hope they don't show up grumpy.