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Pirate Booty: Tradition? Raiders Are Chock Full of That

Sometimes it aint easy being a pirate. Today is one of those days. The pillaging has not gone well. It is a very underwhelming Booty today.

I guess all NFL eyes were turned to the marathon negotiating sessions. So while the pickings are slim hopefully this is just the calm before the storm.

So, I just have a few links for you today. Jump over....

ESPN continues their look at the best of the AFC West. In this look the Raiders take best training camp venue, best celebrity fan (Ice Cube) and the one below. 

Best of NFL: AFC West teams - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Best tradition: First off, this is a tradition-rich division. But I have to go with the Oakland Raiders. How can that be disputed? The Raiders are one of the most traditional teams in all of sports. Everyone equates the colors Silver and Black with the Raiders. There’s Al Davis, who has been with the franchise for 48 years. There are all the great Hall of Fame players, and there were great battles with Pittsburgh in the heyday of the 1970s. There’s the three Super Bowl titles. You think of the AFC West, and you think of the Raiders.

Joe Barksdale and Denarious Moore missed the rookie symposium. They also missed Camp Seymour. Thoughts from the Darkside thinks it is a problem.

Raider rookies Barksdale, Moore getting off on the wrong foot | June
Before anyone starts making excuses for these two, we all heard the same excuses for Russell. He was late to camp because he was "closing on a house," he missed the final team meeting because he "had a family emergency," while he was spotted drunk in Vegas.

These two don't need an excuse. These guys haven't been signed to a contract, and consequently haven't been paid any money. I am not going to put any expectations on these guys, other than staying in shape on their own.