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What Should Be the Raiders First Priority When Business Resumes?

I'm not going to jinx anything, so let me just say that things are looking positive that the Raiders will finally be able to begin their offseason business next week. I am sure Al Davis, Hue Jackson and the organization have a plan of attack lined up and ready to go once the starting gun goes off. Who knows what that plan looks like, so let's talk about what it should look like.

Obviously they are going to get going on many fronts at once. But some things will have to take a certain order of priority as there are limited resources. In other words, re-signing Nnamdi, Bush, Miller and landing big name free agents can't all happen at the same time because there simply isn't enough money. So, what should be the first and most important domino to fall.

I am of the mind that the Raiders have internally decided that Nnamdi is gone. I am not trying to say that they don't want him back, just that they have not made room for the $15 million or so it will take to get him back. So, I am just taking him off of my priority list.

If, for some unforeseen reason, the offers don't come in for him like anticipated and the money is lower I am sure the Raiders will get involved.

Of the remaining players unsigned players, I am making Zack Miller the priority. I think the Raiders should offer him a long-term deal and try push back the bulk of his cap hit to the second year, like they did with DHB. Miller has some injury concerns. He has had concussion and foot problems over the last few years, but none appear to be of the career derailing type. And more just miss a few games type. There is also little concern for Miller losing his edge and getting complacent after getting a big pay day.

He is also just 26 years old, and should still be in peak productivity years when a five to seven year contract ends. I don't care if the Raiders are over the cap or under it. they need to get Z-Mill locked up and go from there. Get Miller locked up and go from there.

What do you guys think? What is your first priority?